Plastic Tears release video for song “Day By Day”

Plastic Tears release video for song “Day By Day”

Finnish rockers Plastic Tears have released a video for their song “Day By Day” from their Angels With Attitude album that was released via City of Lights Records back in June 2018.

Plastic Tears‘ press release states (with slight edits):

“Helsinki based rockers Plastic Tears‘ fourth video and single ‘Day By Day’ from the ‘Angels With Attitude‘ album is released on 16th of November.

Video directed and filmed by Erno Hankia in Helsinki and London.

Main actor Anzi Destruction is Plastic Tears former guitarist who now works as a producer and artist in London.

“’Day By Day’ is a moody, almost desperate song, and the visually stunning video nicely brings forth the vibes of Helsinki, London and the song. When the videos director and filmer Erno Hakia suggested we’d make a video without the usul rock cliches, we we’re excited to try something different.

As Anzi does a great acting performance, we are more than happy with the result.” – Miqu December

The ‘Angels With Attitude’ album was released in June through German City of Lights Records and has gathered rave reviews around the world.

The new single shows the poppier side of the album, and with a stylish video the song rises to new dimensions as well.”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Angels With Attitude: “Overall, there isn’t one bad song musically speaking on Angels With Attitude but anyone’s outlook on the album will likely hinge on how they feel about December‘s vocals. Either you’ll like December‘s vocals and probably think Angels With Attitude is a great album, or you’ll struggle with the singing (like me), which makes the album difficult to get through.”

Plastic Tears’ “Day By Day” video:

Plastic Tears – Day by Day

“Day by Day” by Plastic Tears from the album ‘Angels With Attitude’.Listen to the full album: at: https://theplastictea…