Plastic Tears to release new album ‘Anthems For Misfits’ via Wormholedeath Records

Plastic Tears to release new album ‘Anthems For Misfits’ via Wormholedeath Records

Finnish rockers Plastic Tears consisting of lead vocalist Miqu December, drummer Eco Xtasy, bassist Edu Kettunen, and guitarists Juha Pietiläinen and Andy Whitewine have released an album trailer video for their upcoming new studio album Anthems For Misfits, which will be released via Wormholedeath Records.

Track List for Anthems For Misfits:
01. Doomsday Girls
02. Riot Zone
o3. Clash In The Night
04. Look of Lies
05. Hallucinations
06. Divine
07. Radar Eyes
08. Restless Outsider
09. Nobody Likes A Crybaby
10. Candlelight Hate Affair
11. Communication
12. Imaginary Virgin Mary

Wormholedeath Records’ press release indicates:

“Helsinki street rockers Plastic Tears have signed with Wormholedeath Records for their forthcoming ‘Anthems For Misfits’ worldwide album release.

The album will be distributed by The Orchard/Aural Music Group.

Plastic Tears comment: “We’re truly excited and honoured to announce Plastic Tears will be joining forces with Wormholedeath Records for the release of our next album, ’Anthems For Misfits’.

The staff at Wormholedeath have been really supportive and excited about our album with great, but realistic expectations. Worm seems to understand us and we’re looking forward to this cooperation, and hoping it will open some new doors for us and help us spread our rock’n’roll message to a wider audience. The new album is our most solid so far. The songs range from punk rock to bluesy pop, and everything in between – still sounding like the Plastic Tears. We’re known for playing rock’n’roll with a punky edge, and that’s what you get – spiced with a little bit of musical this and that.”

Plastic TearsAnthems For Misfits album trailer: