Platinum Overdose release new album ‘Covered In Leather’

Platinum Overdose release new album ‘Covered In Leather’

L.A. rockers, Platinum Overdose, are back with their fourth album Covered In Leather, which is their fourth record in a span of less than four years. The group is spearheaded by the DDR Music Group‘s principal Lance V. who handles bass duties. Lance V. is joined by lead vocalist Steve Philbrook, lead guitarist Rick Mead, rhythm guitarist Matt Thorne.

Track List for Covered In Leather:
01. Blackout
02. Parasite
03. Can’t Let Go
04. We Rule The Night
05. Sleaze If You Please
06. Lick And A Promise (featuring Paul Shortino)
07. Heavy Metal
08. Rock Brigade
09. Tonight Tonight
10. Black Widow

The DDR Music Group‘s website indicates:

Steve Philbrook, Matt Thorne, Rick Mead and Lance V. are back to deliver Platinum Overdose’s 4th album in 4 years. 2022 and ‘Covered In Leather’ usher in the year of the cover song for the boys, taking on some of their favorite legendary artists such as Kiss, Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and Sammy Hagar as well as paying homage once again to Lance V.’s first music teacher Todd Kelly of Tuff Luck with the track “Sleaze If You Please”.

Platinum Overdose dig their teeth in deep on such classics as “Blackout”, “Parasite” and “Heavy Metal” while also enlisting vocalist extraordinaire Paul Shortino to duet with Philbrook on “Lick And A Promise”.  Another highlight on the record is their version of a Bon Jovi demo titled “We Rule The Night” that should delight any fan of 80’s Metal!

Of course for good measure, the guys couldn’t just leave well enough alone and stop at all covers, they also decided to include a brand new song titled “Can’t Let Go” further building on the foundation they’ve created since releasing their debut album ‘Murder In High Heels’ in 2019. We think any fan of Platinum Overdose will hear the boys firing on all cylinders and for those just coming around to discover their 80’s brand of Metal will surely dig a little deeper into the catalog to find out what web these guys are spinning. The last three tracks on ‘Covered In Leather’ were already released on the previous three albums and the band thought it would be great to include them on this package to have all the cover songs on one disc. Platinum Overdose are very proud to pay tribute to some great artists and present ‘Covered In Leather’ for your listening pleasure. We hope you will enjoy listening to it as much as they enjoyed making it. Crank it up loud and proud….album #5 is already in the works, stay tuned and live Platinum!

Produced by Lance V., Mixed by Matt Thorne, Mastered by Lance V. in Los Angeles, CA.

This CD is silver pressed, officially licensed from the band and exclusively available from The DDR Music Group.

This album is available as a full album download through Bandcamp. “

Platinum Overdose‘s “Parasite” single: