Play The Alice Cooper Pinball Game And Win Prizes


July 21, 2008

“Along Came A Spider” is Alice Cooper’s 25th album and is a classic Cooperesque”love story” about Spider, a serial killer. His trademark is wrapping his victims in silk,and his victims are specifically chosen to feed his hunger to kill. But, upon meetinghis (possibly) last victim, he falls in love with her and cannot kill to complete his plan.

That could be his demise..

Super Release Special

You want the album, and you want to hear it already for free? Do you want a chance tomeet Alice Cooper as a VIP guest at one of his concerts, or win one of hundred of othercool prizes? Maybe play a cool game? Or pimp your MySpace page with a killer widget?

No problem! Play the Alice Cooper online pinball game!!!

In this flash game you can hear the entire Alice Cooper “Along Came A Spider” album in fulllength, plus Alice himself leading your through the game – and it’s free! And while you’relistening, you can be palying against your friends for the top score!

Multiball, Lane Challange and the Arrow Challange all help you acheive your personal highscore and become etched in stone on the Online Ranking List.

Imbed the widget on your site and let your friends know who the master of this pinballgame really is!

Don’t want to play? Also no problem. Feel free to just check out the music on theintegrated player!

For more information, actual High Scores, and naturally, Alice Cooper’s “Along Came ASpider” pinball game go to: or play below.

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