Playhouse post thoughts to ponder for anyone complaining about paying $5 to $10 to see two to five bands

Playhouse post thoughts to ponder for anyone complaining about paying $5 to $10 to see two to five bands

Canadian rockers Playhouse have posted some insightful thoughts for anyone complaining about paying $5 to $10 to see two to five bands perform live.

The following message was posted in part on Playhouse‘s Facebook page earlier today:


Next time you want to complain about paying $5-10 to see 2-5 bands…

[1] Sit on the door at a gig sometime and watch the surprise with which punters respond to being asked to pay a $5 per head entry fee.

[2] Then sit at the bar for a while and watch the largesse with which those same people will shout all their mates beers at $8.50 a head.

[3] Take a look at the gig poster. How many bands are on the bill? If it’s four bands, then do the maths and figure out that each band is going to get $1.25 from your entry fee, minus costs. And if that band has four members, each will get 31 cents, minus costs i.e, Fuel, Posters, Advertising, Venue Hire, Soundman….etc, etc, etc

[4] While you’re admiring the poster, ask who designed it, and the flyers, who printed them, who distributed them and at what cost.

[5] Ask the bar manager what the bar has charged the performers for venue hire – you may well find that amount to be hundreds of dollars.

[6] Ask the bar manager what the bar returns to the performers from alcohol sales – you may well find that amount is exactly zero dollars, and they have charged the bands for any drinks they may have had also.

[7] Ask the sound operator and the lighting operator what they are charging the performers tonight.

[8] Ask the band where they rehearse this music and what the rental cost on their practice space is.

[9] Ask the band what time of the day/night do they compose, arrange and rehearse this music, and what impact does this have on their family life and their income earning potential from extra-musical jobs. By the way it’s far more than likely they will have day-jobs than not.

[10] Ask the band if – given all the above – their labour is futile. They will tell you that, on the contrary, it is highly worthwile.”

Sleaze Roxx caught Playhouse live at the Brass Monkey in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada back on October 11, 2019 and stated as follows in its review: “I was really looking forward to seeing Playhouse perform and they were even better than I thought! A lot of it has to do with their songs. They were much better than I remembered them from posting their various videos over the last few years on Sleaze Roxx. The group started off with “On Fire” and had my attention right from the get go. Lead vocalist Peter Cat had good stage presence and was able to engage the audience while the rest of the band looked really happy to be there. Despite not being familiar with Playhouse‘s material, I was really into all of their songs. The standout track was — surprisingly to me — their ballad “I Don’t Need You.” I usually loath ballads but this one was truly a great one. It had a real Bret Michaels / Poison feel to it and the chorus was super catchy and easy to sing along too. The guitar solo from KK at the end of “I Don’t Need You” was out of this world. It was such a rocking solo and it really surprised me coming at the end of the slower track.”

Playhouse‘s “On Fire” video (from The Rock N’ Roll Circus album):


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