Poets & Pornstars Change Name To Run Devil Run


October 7, 2008

Poets & Pornstars have released the following press release:

Many of you are already aware that we have decided to continue our seductive, adventurous ways under the name “Run Devil Run” and many inquiring minds must surely be curious to know the scoop. It’s simple really! When we parted ways with our former label earlier this year, we were given the freedom to continue our journey and create new, sexy Rock & Roll gems to make your heart pump and your body shake…which, in and of itself, deserves a nod to the gods!!! (go ahead…nod…it’s o.k….we did it too!). In that inevitable parting of ways however, the name “Poets & Pornstars” and all things related to it not living or breathing (which includes a certain myspace page) were retained by the label.

So, with a passing tear, we wave goodbye to a name that has served us well, and look ahead at this exciting, new energy that we have created with a new member, a rockin’ new name and brand new songs just for YOU that’ll make even my GRANDMA jump out of her barca-lounger and shake it like she’s 19 again!!!

So what this means is that we’ll be continuing to bring you the SAME wild & rowdy live show we always have, and we’ve even stepped it up a notch or two! And the easiest way to keep in touch with us from now on is at our new page which is www.myspace.com/rundevilrunmusic.

We welcome any and ALL to stop in, check out all the pretty new things, chat with us and while you’re there, add us and let us keep you up to date and come visit YOU sometimes as well! Under the circumstances we will no longer be available to answer messages or comments on the Poets & Pornstars myspace page, but we will continue our affair with each and every one of you on our new Run Devil Run page as we always have in the past.

Thank you so much for all of the continued support of our un-swaying Diehards and, as always…LISTEN. LOVE. TELL A FRIEND.

We love you all!
Sally, Randy, Jeremy, Dave, Domo

Courtesy of www.myspace.com/poetspornstars