Poets & Pornstars Singer Leaves Band


December 31, 2007

Poets & Pornstars have posted the following message on their myspace page (www.myspace.com/poetspornstars):

Dearest Lovers and Diehards, Oh! how we have missed you, all of you, near and far, friends and fans old and new. We hope this finds you fully-infused with the spirit of the holidays. OR, if not, fully-infused with holiday “spirits.” It has been far too long since we have seen you and possibly, too long since we have spoken.

Which is the reason we are writing you today. Since last we were togetheryour beloved Poets have undergone a transformation and we wish to make you aware of it. It is with sadness we announce that our singer, Hal Ozsan, is leaving the band. After 5 years of slugging it out in the clubs of LA to eventually reaching the level of arena rocker, Hal has decided that this chapter of his musical career has come to a close. For those of you who know Hal personally, you understand that this was not an easy decision for him to make as he has put his ALL into this band since the day he started it. Following are some thoughts he wanted to share with you:

Dearest and most beloved Sex Ninjas

What an unbelievably nut-busting ride we have had together these last 5 years.

Some of you are old school badasses who sweated it through the Sunset Strip with me. You’ve seen a dozen manager changes, all sorts of ups and downs and two and a half different line-ups. You’ve seen opening slots at The Mint turn into residences at The Viper Room, become headlining slots at The Roxy turn into arenas, stadiums and national tours.

Against all obstacles we have partied, brawled, sweated our way together into a national release and become a wayward and nefarious crime syndicate of hard-rocking wonder.

I will always be proud of what Poets and its Sex Ninjas have done together. Few bands ever get half as far, and never with as much support.

Alas, recently certain things in my personal life have made it harder and harder to keep the Poets train rolling. [In addition] as most of you know, I am also a filmmaker and an actor. This has never gotten in the way of Poets. It’s often helped, with getting songs on soundtracks and other bits and bobs. And not least of all as a way of keeping enough cash on hand to feed my music habit. However, a few weeks ago [I was faced with the choice between] going out on the road for the next couple years and pursuing my other art forms.

Between this choice and the other complications hereto mentioned, it is with great sadness then that I have to announce [my departure from] Poets and Pornstars.

Dave, Sally, Randy and Domo will be looking for a new singer…and they do this with my FULL blessing. They are kick-ass people and I am honored to have rocked the country from coast to coast with them.

Once again, you guys are the dog’s proverbial bollocks and I can’t thank you enough for all the love and support you’ve shown me, and us. We will always have the music, and we will always have the hot, sweaty nights of delirium and magic…

Hal will be reachable at his personal MySpace page; here is the address: www.myspace.com/halozsan

Loyal friends and fans, we realize that our announcement is coming as a complete surprise to most of you and that you may be feeling heavy-hearted and disappointed. Recently we have experienced much of that same feeling, so we understand where you are coming from.

But please know this is not the end. We have already begun meeting with singers and look forward to introducing our newest member to you just as quickly as possible. We also eagerly anticipate debuting brand-new songs for you at our very next gig. We can’t wait to, with your help, recreate the magic very soon.

We also want to assure you that we will remain accessible, that you will still be able to reach us on the Poets MySpace page in addition to our individual pages. We ask only that you give us some time to respond as we expect to be hearing from many of you.

On a final note, we’d like to take a moment aside to express our utmost gratitude to our management, Fred, Jimmy, and Toni at CEG, and Bob Wenzl and company at Wenzl-Hopper Records for their tireless support and grace under pressure throughout the course of our relationship and especially in these trying times of late.

We are currently taking a little time off to reconnect with family and friends who haven’t seen us much recently and to reflect on one heck of a year. We hope you’ve been able to do the same and that you’ve enjoyed all the best this holiday season. We want you to know that your love and support over the years has meant everything to us and that we will be ROCKING you again very soon.

Thanks for listening and Happy New Year!

With our Love and Appreciation,
Dave, Domo, Randy, and Sally

Courtesy of www.myspace.com/poetspornstars