Poison drummer Rikki Rockett weighs in on Kavanaugh / Ford and recalls being accused of sexual act

Poison drummer Rikki Rockett weighs in on Kavanaugh / Ford and recalls being accused of sexual act

After about ten days of media dominated by the testimonies of Judge Brett Kavanaugh / Dr. Christine Blasey Ford before the US Senate Judiciary Committee followed by a week long F.B.I. investigation into some of the complaints and finally Kavanaugh‘s confirmation to the United States of America’s Supreme Court, Poison drummer Rikki Rockett has provided his views on the topics via his Facebook account earlier today:

“Oh boy, here goes…

I refuse to be partisan about policies. I want what makes sense, not what fits a political party’s agenda. As for this Kavanagh/Ford thing, here goes…

First off, I don’t like Kavanaugh, personally. I think he is a frat boy who has probably gotten away with all kinds of shit that a privedged person has gotten away with all his life. He seems arrogant and very partisan. On the other hand, I don’t really think Ford is some amazing, remarkable woman either. I do think she is brave and I don’t think that she is an out and out liar either. The #1 take away for me is this, just because Kavanaugh is jerk and Ford is whatever she is, does that mean Kavanaugh shouldn’t get in?

I do think Ford is credible, but she doesn’t have proof. Kavanaugh doesn’t have a good story either, but the burden is on Ford. Takeaway #2 is that people will not always get away with accusations without proof from now on. That’s the good thing about this story. Women will not be dismissed so easily either. I was accused of a sexual act by a woman I never met in place I had never been to at a time when I was in another state. She finally admitted it wasn’t me, but if the stakes were more murky, it could have gotten far more interesting than it did.

People getting away with sexual misconduct is wrong. People getting away with false accusations is wrong. There is a due process and it isn’t always fair in the end. So, how can I support the nomination and not the person? Easy, I don’t like the guy, but Ford didn’t have a compelling enough case to make this work in her favor. Doesn’t mean that nothing happened and I’m glad that she came out. Good for her. It was brave. Don’t slut shame a decent woman who was probably a victim. But, will we ever know?

I also support the protests. Yes, I do! Raise hell and let your voice be heard. We need more of it but, be decent and respectful. Why fight for freedom and not use the freedom by not protesting when we think we are wronged? We must.

I wish Kavanaugh was not in, but because he is partisan, not because he is some sort of frat boy, pervert. We don’t know that. His opening statements clearly showed that he is partisan, that is my problem with the guy. We need these people to be impartial. It’s sad that it is even political at all. Just like Ford, though, he has been brave through this. I still don’t like him, but at least some things will be looked at differently from now on.

That’s my 2 cents.”