Poison singer Bret Michaels states the hardest song to write is a good time party song

Poison singer Bret Michaels states the hardest song to write is a good time party song

Poison frontman Bret Michaels was recently interviewed by Psychology Today and spoke about a number of topics including the easiest and hardest songs to write.

Michaels stated: “The hardest song to write is a good time party song. Because when I’m in the middle of partying, having a great time, I’m not sitting down and trying to reflect and write lyrics. I’m enjoying the moment…. The easiest song to write comes from the toughest moments in your life. It produces an exact emotion. When my best friend died, I wrote ‘Something to Believe In’ – by and large my guitar and my music are therapeutic to me.”

In terms of Poison‘s work ethic, Michaels advised: “Our work ethic was as strong then as it is now. And that’s all four of us … We flyered everywhere. We would not worry about renting a limo to pull up and play for five people. We worried about spending midnight until six in the morning flyering – posting flyers everywhere so there were 1000 people at the Troubadour. And we pulled up in our Chevette and windowless van… In other words, we were the exact opposite of what people thought was happening … No doubt, there was sex, there was drugs, there was rock and roll … But when it was work time it was 2000% work time. I would go to the Troubadour to hand flyers out. A band would pull up in a limo. They’d get out of the limo like man these guys have to be huge and there’d be six people at the club…. So they spent the money on the limo and their ego.”

With respect to his personality, Michaels opined: “I’m passionate … I don’t have to fake that passion. That is one of my biggest blessings. I don’t have to fake my passion… I was born with an absolute competitive fighting spirit and a humble soul. I was named after Bret Maverick the cowboy … and my middle name I was named after St. Michael the archangel … who is the fiercest fighting angel there is but was a musician and loved to have a great time.”

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