Poison Singer Records For 9/11


Bret Michaels of Poison fame wrote a song last year on September 12. The song One More Day was a tribute to those who lost their lives the day before in the US terrorist attacks.

On the anniversary of September 11, Michaels has posted the song at his website at www.bretmichaels.com for fans to download for free. Says Bret, “This song is as powerful and meaningful to me as ‘Something To Believe In’ was, which was written after the death of my best friend.”

Michaels has also posted pictures from his visit to Ground Zero at his website. “Being there is so intense,” says Bret, “I spent hours walking around the area. It was very moving.”

One More Day is dedicated to the victims of September 11 and their families. The song will be included on Bret’s forthcoming solo record Songs of Life.

Paul Cashmere courtesy of Undercover