Police Say Kevin DuBrow Was Dead About Six Days Before Being Discovered


November 28, 2007

Police say after a distressed call from family members, Quiet Riot lead singer Kevin Dubrow’s next door neighbor and friend kicked down the door to find the 52 year old dead.

Police say Dubrow had been dead for about six days before his body was discovered.

Lori Lee Samson, Dubrow’s fiancee, was the last person to see him alive.

She says when days passed, she new something was wrong.

Among the collection of memories, Lori Samson will forever save Dubrow’s last words.

“At 2:40 am Monday he texted me I love you so much”, Samson says.

His death has sent shockwaves to fans and family.

Samson says she will cherish the last moments spent with him and her son.

She never knew the man she met years ago was a legendary rock star.

Still rocking into his 50’s, they celebrated Dubrow’s birthday just two weeks ago.

Samson says Dubrow performed for charities, growing more humble with age.

At 52 years old, Quiet Riot’s vocalist finally found the one.

The couple was supposed to appear on A&E for a roast of Gene Simmons.

The coroner’s office is now investigating the exact cause of death.

Samson says something fans never knew is that alcohol was not allowed backstage at their concerts.

This was in support of band members’ struggle with sobriety.

Courtesy of www.ktnv.com