Pornstar Airlines Band Interviews Pornstars


June 5, 2008

L.A. is birthplace of a band presenting a website where an entertaining mix of dirty and fresh rock-music and fresh, funny and cool interviews with adult stars such as Debi Diamond, Sara Jay, Angie Savage, Monica Mayhem, Sunset Thomas and many more can be found.

Illustrated with partly new pictures, the band, appealing to fans of Motley Crue, Kiss,Guns n Roses and Turbonegro, worms the most private parts out of the women they talk to weekly or even more often.

“We’ve always been cooler than other bands”, says band leader and pilot Paskkal Bardot, “So we had to do something real new and cool – it’s like a slap in the face to our enviers and one on the butt of the girls we like!”

This is a completely new take on a traditionally taboo topics. Unlike other bands who try to get attention by sending demos to mags and labels and being judged or discourage by them, Pornstar Airlines present their product to the adult industry to make things roll, or better: fly.

“We re different: Rocking and Rolling is too close to the ground, so it’s not enough for taking off: We Do have Rock n Roll, but Fuck ‘n Fly too,” Paskkal says rascally. “The name Pornstar Airlines transports a lot of energy by itself. It implies sex and getting high. It’s like being sexy-super-sonic (the title of their up-coming full-length debut album)!

Rumor has it that the band is gonna start filming within the next 6 months due to the amount of offers from several sides.

“Everything is possible. We’re Pornstar Airlines, we do what we want to. We take life, live it, sweat it and of course: fuck it. We’re sex fiends on air,” guitarist Cobra Swede philosophically confesses, “It’s intercourse beyond the stars, a stratos-fuck-fest.”

Pornstar Airlines is multimedia: Representing adult stars, playing music, about to start filming and a new style of erotic photographs.

“I cannot talk about our filming and photographing plans right now,” Paskkal adds, “You’ll see it when it’s done. No one expected us. We were here like a bolt out of the blue, literally!”

Every woman who works within the adult industry can spread her word all over the world by taking off with Pornstar Airlines. If you’re sick of being in seventh Heaven, be sure, they fly all the way up to number 8, from cloud 9 to 69.

“We’re looking for a new rhythm section, not meaning sex in that case, but bass- player and drummer for the L.A. area.” Finally Cobra adds “To go down and land again we had to drop our last drummer without a parachute but a backpack of sticky old porn mags over a deserted island that definitely wasn’t Gettingblown Island.”

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