Praying Mantis Working On ‘Touch The Rainbow’


July 24, 2008

Praying Mantis have started working on their long awaited new studio album with the working title of “Touch the Rainbow”.

They will shortly begin recording and the likelihood is that the album will be recorded during the month of September in Atlanta, Georgia USA with an anticipated release in early 2009. The current line up of the band includes of course founding members Tino and Chris Troy on guitars and bass respectively, Benjamin Reid on drums, Andy Burgess on guitar and Mike Freeland on vocals, the line up of which they have already played a number of successful festivals in UK and Europe during 2008.

The new songs once again present the familiar blend of the Hard Rock edge with very melodic “hookline” choruses that have always been an essential trade mark of Mantis since the 1980’s. Though this will be yet another album on the ever growing discography of the band, Chris Troy believes that: “This may well prove to be the best album Mantis have ever written!”.

Look out the Mantis are definitely back and kicking!

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