Pre-Chris Holmes W.A.S.P. demo “Masters Of Disaster”

Pre-Chris Holmes W.A.S.P. demo “Masters Of Disaster”

The following is not a “new” news item but something that I recently came across that I thought would be interesting.

The first incarnation of W.A.S.P. prior to guitarist Chris Holmes joining the band was with guitarist Rik Fox.

The W.A.S.P. line-up of Fox, singer/bassist Blackie Lawless, guitarist Randy Piper and drummer Tony Richards did some demos together which have been called Face The Attack or Masters Of Disaster over the years.

Metal Archives states as follows about Face The Attack:

“Tracks 1-6 were recorded by W.A.S.P., track 10 was recorded by Sister, and track 11 was recorded by Circus Circus. Tracks 8 and 9 were recorded sometime between 1979-1982 (the end of Sister and the beginning of W.A.S.P.).

Face the Attack was not an ‘official’ name for that demo, it was just my personal choice for my one personal copy of the demo. I should like that clarified to the public. Face the Attack was my own personal cover artwork that I drew on my own cassette flap. That was the one stolen from the car it was in when the car was stolen, and henceforth copied, mass-produced and ‘accidentally’ come to be known as. That original W.A.S.P. demo with me on it never had any official name on it whatsoever.” – Rik Fox 2011″

Metal Archives lists the following for the track list for Face The Attack:

Side A
1. On Your Knees 05:01
2. School Daze 04:50
3. B.A.D. 04:04
4. Hellion 03:53
5. Sleeping (In the Fire) 06:52
6. Master of Disaster 06:00
Side B
7. Sex Drive 03:20
8. What I Am
9. Star Dancer
10. Sweet Dreams 03:20
11. Mr. Cool

Leather Rebel provides the following caption (with slight edits) for the YouTube clip of the W.A.S.P. demo song “Master Of Disaster”:

“This is a demo from the first incarnation of WASP. I believe the complete collection of demos is refered to as “Face The Attack” or “Masters Of Disaster“, but I’m pretty sure its called Face The Attack). The original line-up consisted of:

Blackie Lawless – Lead Vocals
Rik Fox – Bass guitar
Tony Richards – Drums
Randy Piper – Lead Guitar”

W.A.S.P.‘s “Master Of Disaster” demo:

WASP – Master Of Disaster (Demo)

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