Premiere of A Rising Force’s video for new single “Love And War” on Sleaze Roxx + mini-interview

Premiere of A Rising Force’s video for new single “Love And War” on Sleaze Roxx + mini-interview

Sleaze Roxx is pleased to premiere the video for A Rising Force‘s debut single “Love And War” from their upcoming album Undertow, which will be available via HighVolMusic on May 7, 2021.

A Rising Force is an all original Minnesota rock act featuring Mark Westlund (lead vocals, guitar), Brian Lorenson (bass, vocals), Lane Allen (drums, vocals, percussion) and former Hericane Alice band member Leni DiMancari (guitar, vocals, keyboards). The band members collectively have had multiple albums released, MMA nominations & awards, along with national and international touring backgrounds.

A Rising Force‘s “Love And War” video:

HighVolMusic‘s press release indicates in part:

Undertow, the debut album from A Rising Force, is set to release on May 7th, 2021 via HighVolMusic. The album was written in the fall of 2019 through the summer of 2020 and recorded in in the fall of 2020. Undertow features 10 tracks including a cover of the Warrant hit “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” If you like commercial radio friendly hard rock, you’ll like this record.”

A Rising Force is also part of the Rock Across America Tour featuring Ron Keel Band and Every Mother’s Nightmare. “Like everyone else, we are hopeful that we can get out and play some dates to support the new album. We will see. We are excited about the new album and possibilities.” says Leni DiMancari.”

Track List for Undertow:
01. Undertow
02. Love And War
03. Crushed
04. Freaks
05. Black Eyed Suzy
06. Yesterdaze Hell
07. Giza
08. War Machine
09. Uncle Tom’s Cabin
10. Retribution

Speaking exclusively to Sleaze Roxx, DiMancari was asked how A Rising Force got started to which he replied: “We were all members of the Minneapolis band Dare Force. When the three of us left the band to pursue a new singer / frontman and finish our album the way we wanted to do it, I jokingly said at rehearsals that we should just call it A Rising Force, since we were off in a new direction leaving the Dare Force brand behind us.”

In terms of people linking the band name A Rising Force to guitarist Yngwie J. Malmsteen, who early on called his band Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force, DiMancari stated: “I think initially one could somehow see a correlation, but A Rising Force is the furthest thing from neo-classical metal. He never booked himself as that name as a stand alone act, but attached it to himself, a song and albums. There are The Eagles and the Eagles of Death MetalLed Zeppelin, Dred Zeppelin and Zed Leppelin; Heart, Heartless, Fierce Heart and Blackheart… So many. Names are tricky in the music business. There’s room for everyone.”

In regard to how A Rising Force hooked up with HighVolMusic, DiMancari shared: “I sent out a few samples of our record to my friend Ron Keel. Ron got back to us and asked what our plans were for the record and I told him it was going to be a self-released album. He thought the music needed to be shopped to labels because he felt there was something special there. Eventually, there was interest from a few, but we went with HighVolMusic because we felt they had the best marketing, hands on promotion, structure and Bill Chavis — the president showed a genuine passion for our band and the future of it.”

With respect to A Rising Force’s plans for the rest of 2021, DiMancari indicated: “We are really excited about our release of Undertow and already have been in the process of writing for the next record. We’re optimistic for the concert business to return to normal. We’re anxious to get out and perform our show.”