Premiere of Babylon A.D.’s video for “Kid Goes Wild” on Sleaze Roxx from album ‘Live Lightning’

Press photo courtesy of Michael Brandvold Marketing

Premiere of Babylon A.D.’s video for “Kid Goes Wild” on Sleaze Roxx from album ‘Live Lightning’

Sleaze Roxx is honoured to premiere Babylon A.D. ‘s new live video fore their classic track “Kid Goes Wild” from the band’s upcoming live album Live Lightning, which will be released via Perris Records on March 17, 2023. Babylon A.D. consist of lead vocalist Derek Davis; guitarists Ron Freschi and John Mathews; drummer Jamey Pacheco; and, bassist Robb Reid. Live Lightning can be pre-ordered via many different outlets including Amazon; Perris Records; WOWHD Worldwide; Pride and Joy (Germany); AOR Paradise, Beyond Battle Records and Disk Union (Japan).

Perris Records‘ press release indicates:

Babylon A.D. are proud to announce the video release of their classic metal rock hit “Kid Goes Wild” via Perris Records. The track is off their new album release Live Lightning and the video features many live shows clips with back stage footage and fans rocking to their favorite band.

Originally released in 1990, “Kid Goes Wild” helped Babylon A.D. gain a legion of dedicated fans and secured their mark in the heavy Metal / hard rock field. The track was first released on their debut self-titled album Babylon A.D. on Arista Records. The song showcased the screaming voice of the legendary comedian Sam Kinison and later was the featured trailer video for Orion PicturesRoboCop 2. Babylon A.D. have always been known for their powerful live performances and that is exactly what the new video brings to the table. Babylon A.D. are back with Live Lightning via Perris Records.”

Track List for Live Lightning:
01. Saturday Night
02. Hammer Swings Down
03. One Million Miles
04. Bang Go The Bells
05. Sinking In The Sand
06. Desperate
07. Maryanne
08. She Likes To Give It
09. Bad Blood
10. Crash And Burn
11. Shot of Love
12. Love Blind
13. Sally Danced
14. Kid Goes Wild

Babylon A.D.‘s “Kid Goes Wild” video (from upcoming live album Live Lightning):

Speaking exclusively to Sleaze Roxx, Davis explained how Babylon A.D. ended up choosing the track “Kid Goes Wild” to be the first single off Live Lightning. Davis indicated: “I think the track is one of our more known songs that we have. The original version had Sam Kinison on the debut album and then was in Orion PicturesRoboCop 2. The energy of the live show footage was amazing. We spliced together five different shows, including the crowd and back-stage footage so it made it really fun to make.”

Press photo courtesy of Michael Brandvold Marketing

In terms of what prompted Babylon A.D, to release a live album at this stage, Davis stated: “This album Live Lightning is a starting point and promotional tool for a new studio album we have begun working on. So we wanted our fans to know that Babylon A.D. is back!”

With respect to the various line-up changes over the last couple of years, Davis explained: “We all went to high school with each other and played in bands together before Babylon A.D., so when Dan De La Rosa wanted to do his solo album, John Mathews, the original guitar player, came back into the band. That was in 2017. The band signed with Frontiers Records and produced Revelation Highway. Then Robb Reid, the bass player, due to his health, was replaced by Eric Pacheco, Jamey‘s brother, and sadly Eric passed away soon after. So back to the live album, all the recordings were taken from the time just before Eric joined the band when Robb was the bassist. I know it’s a little confusing but you got to remember that we have a long history. We’re all more like brothers than bandmates.”

Finally, with respect to Babylon A.D.‘s plans for the rest of 2023, Davis revealed: “We’re going to do some live shows and we are working on material for the next Babylon A.D. studio album which we hope to have ready by this time next year.”