Premiere of Escape The Hive’s lyric video for debut single “It’s Not Alright” on Sleaze Roxx

Photo by Jesse Beckj courtesy of Head First Entertainment

Premiere of Escape The Hive’s lyric video for debut single “It’s Not Alright” on Sleaze Roxx

Photo by Jess Beck courtesy of Head First Entertainment

Sleaze Roxx is honoured to premiere Escape The Hive‘s debut lyric video for their first single “It’s Not Alright.” The American rockers Escape The Hive consist of frontman Michael Beck (ex-Kings of Dust, ex-Red Dragon Cartel), bassist Paul Williams, drummer A.D. Adams (ex-Dirty Looks), guitarist James “Rooster” Olson and keyboardist Mike Vars. Escape The Hive will be releasing their debut album This Is Gonna Sting via Shock Records / Vanity Music Group in 2023.

Speaking exclusively to Sleaze Roxx, Beck was asked how the band members came up with the band name Escape The Hive to which he replied: “The name comes from the need to break free of constraints and live a little. After the Covid lockdown, it seemed appropriate to want we were all feeling.”

In terms of how and when did the band come together, Beck indicated: “[It] started in 2021. I started writing with DL Marble bassist Paul Williams. It was a very natural fit. Paul has a great swing to his playing that makes it easy to write too. We then enlisted former Dirty Looks and Louis Prima drummer A.D Adams. A.D. is a guy I have wanted to do a record with for a long time. And he was already playing fill in shows with Paul. And he’s just a monster drummer. And for the guitar duties, long-time touring guitarist to many top multiple Nashville stars — James “Rooster” Olson — was called. I knew him from way back in the day and a chance meeting brought him into the fold to lend the fire. I’ve been fortunate in that I’ve played with some really top-notch guitar players, [and] Rooster fills those shoes! And what would a ’70s hard rock band be without keys? So we brought in keyboardist Mike Vars to round out the line-up. We spent the early part of last year writing and [we] started recording last summer.”

With respect to how the Escape The Hive band members came up with the album title This Is Gonna Sting and when we can expect the album, Beck revealed: “The title is a tie in with the band’s name. You can’t move forward to new things without a little pain being involved. I’m really exited and can’t wait for everyone to hear the new record  The new release should be available this spring. 2023 is a year I am looking forward to!”

Escape The Hive‘s “It’s Not Alright” lyric video:

Thank you to Dave Tedder of Head First Entertainment.