Premiere of Snew’s video for “Something New Everybody Wants” + interview with Curtis Don Vito

Premiere of Snew’s video for “Something New Everybody Wants” + interview with Curtis Don Vito

Sleaze Roxx is pleased to premiere the video of Snew‘s song “Something New Everybody Wants” from the group’s latest and fourth studio album You’ve Got Some Nerve, which was released back in September 2018.

Speaking exclusively to Sleaze Roxx, Snew frontman Curtis Don Vito explained how the group ended up choosing the track “Something New Everybody Wants” for the video as he stated:

“As you know this is the third video from the new album You’ve Got Some Nerve and I wanted to do something different for each of them. So I thought if I want to do something completely different for our next one, then it should be for the song “Something New Everybody Wants.” On a side note, if you take the first letter from each word in the title, it spells a familiar band name. As for the idea for the video, I’ve been noticing lots of things around the web lately where they take just a few maybe four or five frames of video and loop them over and over and that’s it. Kind of like animated GIFs but shorter loops. So I thought, why not do an entire video like that? I took me a lot of experimentation to come up with a more fluid motion than what I had been seeing around. I didn’t want it to be too jerky like that plus it all had to go with the beat and change up in all the right places to follow the song. It was quite a project but I love creative challenges.”

In terms of how Snew‘s new record You’ve Got Some Nerve compares to the previous ones, Don Vito advised: “I think it’s our best one yet. Of course, I say that with each album, but our goals is to always outdo the last one. I think on many levels, we did achieve that. We took a few chances with song structure here and there, gave the guitars a bit of a beefier sound, and we went way out on a limb and added a horn section to two of the songs, which is something I had been dying to do for a long time. I love when horns are applied to hard rocking music. It’s just so punchy. I think we’ve grown as a band without losing sight of who we really are. Sleaze Roxx gave us a huge thumbs up with our debut album [Snew You] and it really gave us the confidence to believe we were on the right track. From then on, we decided to never change the recipe, just strive to make it tastier.

With respect to Snew‘s plans for 2019, Don Vito indicated: “We hope to play out as much as possible, write more songs and get to work on the next record. We don’t want to make people wait quite so long for the fifth Snew album as they did for this one. Whatever else happens this year will be little surprises along the way.”

Snew‘s “Something New Everybody Wants” video:

SNEW – Something New Everybody Wants – music video

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