Premiere of Storm Force’s new single “Uninvited” on Sleaze Roxx

Premiere of Storm Force’s new single “Uninvited” on Sleaze Roxx

Sleaze Roxx is honoured to premiere Canadian rockers Storm Force‘s new single “Uninvited” which happens to be a cover of Alanis Morissette‘s track originally released back in February 1998. Storm Force consist of guitarist Greg Fraser (Brighton Rock), lead vocalist Patrick Gagliardi, drummer Roger Banks and bassist Mike Berardelli, and their new single features keyboardist Ray Coburn (Roger Hodgson, Honeymoon Suite, Corey Hart) as a special guest.

Storm Force‘s “Uninvited” single:

Michael Brandvold Marketing & Management‘s press release indicates:

Storm Force are back. After releasing their critically acclaimed debut, Age of Fear; the group unleashes a stunning re-working of “Uninvited” by fellow Canadian icon, Alanis Morissette. “What started as an impromptu jam while working on songs for the next Storm Force album, quickly developed into something really special we wanted to share right away!” says singer Patrick Gagliardi.

The new single, “Uninvited,” is once again produced by Darius Szczepaniak and features legendary special guest keyboardist Ray Coburn (Roger Hodgson, Honeymoon Suite, Corey Hart) and is available now on all digital services. The new Storm Force album will be tentatively arriving in Fall 2023.

You can catch Storm Force live in Hamilton, Ontario on Saturday, November 12th at the Bridgeworks Concert Venue, 200 Caroline N. Hamilton Ontario. Tickets available:

Storm Force is the explosive band that fans of classic hard melodic rock have all been waiting for.

Storm Force is led by Canadian rock legend and Brighton Rock founder, Greg Fraser. Greg has earned 4 Juno nominations with Brighton Rock, as well as a gold album in Canada. Greg is joined by Patrick Gagliardi (Vocals), Roger Banks (Drums), and Mike Berardelli (Bass), Storm Force’s debut album “Age of Fear” is the culmination of three years of passion for music and the hard rock genre.

After Brighton Rock, Greg released two great rock albums with the Fraze Gang to solid reviews. For this project however, he decided to step away from the front man role and search for the right members to create something special. Armed with the great rock riffs and melodies he had written, he decided to focus on finding members that were local to him so they could not just create an album that was recorded in different cities with no cohesiveness, but something that really felt like a band! Greg found one of today’s most powerful and versatile lead vocalists in Patrick Gagliardi (formerly of Surface Tension). Patrick adds his touch to the album as the main lyricist bringing different flavours to each song that range from straight ahead rock anthems to introspective experiences of the current world we live in. Their debut record was recorded at Hamster Cage Studios and produced by Darius Szczepaniak (Black Crowes, Sum 41, Big Sugar). It combines colossal, crushing melodic rock with hook-laden ballads and massive choruses reminiscent of vintage Cinderella, balanced by classic rock sensibilities of acts like The Who and Van Halen.

The group hails from Niagara Falls, Canada and is rounded out by the blistering one-two punch rhythm section of legendary drummer Roger Banks and sought-after session musician and touring bassist Mike Berardelli.

Storm Force’s ground-breaking Age of Fear record is the result of a rich blend of rock influences spanning Triumph, UFO, Thin Lizzy, Foreigner, and so many more, and is available on Escape Music worldwide.

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Speaking exclusively to Sleaze Roxx, Fraser was asked about Storm Force choosing to release a cover at this timed whether it will be the lead off single for the group’s sophomore album. The guitarist replied: “It actually was never actually intended to be on our next record. Maybe we can use it as a bonus track for the Japanese release, but we have no intention of putting it on our next record. We thought it would be fun to put it out as a one off single letting people know ‘Hey, we’re still here’ because it’s been a while since our debut was released. We are pretty confident our new songs are strong enough to fill our next record, but you never know, the record company might have other ideas. At this point, our plan is to do a full-length record with all original music like our debut.”

In terms of what led Storm Force to cover an Alanis Morissette song and especially that track out of her song catalog, Fraser revealed: “It was a complete fluke. One day out of the blue, our singer Pat was tinkering around on a piano and stumbled upon a pattern that resembled “Uninvited” and began singing it and recorded it on his phone. He sent it to me as a lark and I was blown away by his vocal performance and kind of tucked it away in my mind never thinking we would cover it. Then one day, we were rehearsing a new tune in the studio and Pat mentioned ‘It’s been a long time since our debut was released. We should release a cover song just for fun’ and I immediately remembered his version of “Uninvited” and thought ‘Let’s try it’ and everyone said ‘Sure! Why not? If it comes out crappy, we won’t release it.’ Being that it’s such a haunting vibe, I thought I would reach out to my old friend Canadian keyboard legend Ray Coburn who I’ve known since 1986 to come up with some keyboard ideas. He approached it like a movie soundtrack and really knocked it out of the park as I knew he would. I’m just curious to see if Alanis will ever hear it and what her thoughts are.”

With respect to how Storm Force‘s second album differs from the debut record Age of Fear, Fraser stated: “That’s a tough question to answer because I feel I’m too close to it to really see the difference. I write whatever sounds good to me and I never tried to chase any trends or catered my songs to appeal to a younger or broader audience. Even during the grunge years when a lot of bands were changing their sound trying to stay relevant, I always stuck to my guns and wrote what appealed to me first instead of trying to adapt to the current scene even to this day. I think our next record will be a step up from the first but also a nice continuation of it. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it!”