Premiere of The Straddlerz’s video for new single “Streets of Love” on Sleaze Roxx

Premiere of The Straddlerz’s video for new single “Streets of Love” on Sleaze Roxx

Sleaze Roxx is pleased to premiere New York / Italian rockers The Straddlerz‘s video for their new single “Streets of Love.”

For this occasion, Sleaze Roxx spoke to The Straddlerz‘s two main and founding band members — lead vocalist Linda LaCayenne and lead guitarist Mikey Reynal.

In terms of how The Straddlerz came to be, LaCayenne advised: “Well, we were both fixing to get out of our hometowns to give our lives and music careers a change hopefully meeting like minded people in New York City. After only two weeks of my arrival to the rotting apple, I bumped into Mikey outside a rehearsal room in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. We started going out together to shows and randomly jam acoustically until one day, I booked a show thanks to a friend of mine, Eric [Jayk] from the band Wildstreet at the Bowery Electric. Our first show! We had that show booked before we even had a name or the remaining members of the band. That’s when the rockin’ madness started for real and despite line-up changes for us two, the adrenaline and desire to rock people’s faces has never dulled a bit. We are still traveling worldwide and concocting The Straddlerz‘s sound by mixing our two styles — glam rock and heavy metal.

The Straddlerz are somewhat unique in that they have two different line-ups with two different members based in New York and three different ones based in Italy, and with LaCayenne and Reynal pulling double duties. Reynal stated: “We haven’t released the music video for our song “Open Your Eyes” yet. When it’s out, you will see that actually we have three line-ups with one in Argentina too. We kind of like this ’cause we’re always experimenting new sounds even though we’re trying to set what’s gonna be the real permanent band.”

With LaCayenne and Reynal in a relationship together, questions remain on how that impacts the dynamics of the band and what happens to the group if things go sour between the two of them. Reynal opined: “The fact that we are together all the time through this great relationship gives us all the time we need to discuss in depth and detail our mission, style, sound, ideas and future as a band. Most of the sourness we experience comes from the fruits we munch on [laughs]. We love each other too much so nothing bad will never ever happen!”

In regard to how they came up with the band name The Straddlerz, Reynal advised: “Well, when The Looming Straddlerz had booked their first rehearsal for the Bowery Electric show and were going to Looming Studios to jam out the songs, I was always seeing Linda straddling, walking slow — those Italians [laughs] — and wearing cowboy boots all the time. That’s when I decided on the name The Looming Straddlerz by adding the name of the first studio we rehearsed on. Later we dropped off the “Looming” to make the name more straightforward [laughs].”

Finally, in terms of when we can expect The Straddlerz‘s debut album, LaCayenne indicated: “We’re gonna release the whole album very soon. Most likely in October. We’re not sure in which country yet though. Stay updated by following our page thestraddlerzofficial on Instagram or as The Straddlerz on Facebook to get all the news in real time! See you soon and rock ’n’fuckin’ roll!”

The single “Streets of Love” was produced by LaCayenne, Reynal and Lase with the latter providing percussion and background vocals as well. The song was recorded and mixed by Lase while the video was shot by Darkcristo and edited by LaCayenne.

The Straddlerz‘s “Streets of Love” video: