Premiere of Turbo Vixen’s lyric video for title track of debut full-length album ‘Drive Into The Night’

Premiere of Turbo Vixen’s lyric video for title track of debut full-length album ‘Drive Into The Night’

Sleaze Roxx is pleased to premiere Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada high energy rockers Turbo Vixen‘s lyric video for the title track from their debut full-length album Drive Into The Night, which was released back in July 2018. Turbo Vixen‘s new album features Striker singer Dan Cleary on lead vocals.

Asher Media Relations‘ Bio for Turbo Vixen states: “Turbo Vixen is a locally based rock n roll band from Vancouver, Canada. Formed in April of 2016, the band steadily progressed quickly in the months that followed. Through the influence of 70s/80’s rock/metal, the band has created a unique sound for themselves, giving them a wide demographic of listeners. These boys are all around fun and always a good time.

In June of 2016, Turbo Vixen released the demo entitled “One Track Mind” which was a four song EP, released through CD Baby and was accompanied by a small three day tour. After this release, Turbo Vixen had enough material to start the recording process of their first full length, “Drive Into The Night”. During this process they parted ways with singer Jesse Ransom, and Dan Cleary of Edmonton band Striker was hired for guest vocals. As of July 2018, the debut album is finished and ready for FULL VOLUME!”

Speaking exclusively to Sleaze Roxx, drummer Aaron Bell explained how Cleary got involved: “I’ve known Dan for years as my old band, Horde Of Anachron, did three dates of a small tour with them back in 2010. We basically fired our singer during the recording process and were desperate to find someone and finish. I asked Dan a few times before he broke and It was a perfect match.”

In terms of finding a permanent singer, Bell stated: “We are actively trying to find someone at least close to Dan but we never want to settle for less. They have to be a pro! We’re also happy to remain a studio band until the right person comes along.”

With respect to the band’s upcoming plans, Bell advised: “Get members, write and record this new album, which is about half written and eventually tour for a living!”

Turbo Vixen‘s “Drive Into The Night” lyric video:


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