Pretty Boy Floyd Offering Limited Edition Collection


November 7, 2008

Brand new limited edition Pretty Boy Floyd package now available at – only 150 made

The new Pretty Boy Floyd package is here, just in time for the holidays.

If you are one of the first 50 orders here is what you will receive, all for just $30:

The new 3 song limited edition sampler from the upcoming covers record, which won’t be available until March 2009. Featuring songs from Joan Jett, Gary Glitter and more.

A brand new designed Pretty Boy Floyd shirt and new glossy of original members.

The band’s first classic early years DVD with their 2 MTV videos, interviews with Adam Curry on Headbanger’s Ball, footage from Geraldo, live footage from 1989 and much more.

Also included is the single Live Hard Live Fast which the band debuted last year, which includes a bonus track of Aldo Nova’s hit song Fantasy.

And lastly an autographed old school glossy by all original members.

Go to to place your order.

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