Pretty Maids’ abridged set at Rockingham Festival in Nottingham, UK ends abruptly

Pretty Maids’ abridged set at Rockingham Festival in Nottingham, UK ends abruptly

One of the most frustrating things for a band has to be when it has been told that it will have a specific amount of time onstage so it prepares to play a certain number of songs and then suddenly, the setlist needs to be cut short or even worse, the plug gets pulled with the group unable to even compete its set. Both of these things happened to Danish rockers Pretty Maids at this weekend’s Rockingham Festival in Nottingham, UK, which was advertised as “Three days of the finest melodic hard rock from around the world.”

The following message was posted on Pretty Maids‘ Facebook page earlier today:

“One and a half minute left and we even cut of three songs of the setlist beforehand…

And then they pulled the plug on us!!!

To all our fans that met up tonight in Nottingham we have to say we’re sorry that it ended this way but it was out of our hands !!

Due to a fucked up production manager and other bands running over time we apparently had to be the scapegoats tonight.

As Sweden Rock magazine just wrote:

It’s sad !!!

Hope we can make it up some other place at some other time !

We had a blast nevertheless and hope that goes for you too !


The Rockingham Festival acknowledged what occurred to Pretty Maids without explaining exactly what happened as its Facebook post earlier today attests to:

“Apologies to everyone at the show tonight, and to Pretty Maids for the way their set ended. The decision wasn’t mine and the instruction didn’t come from me. However, as the festival owner, the inevitable fallout will land on me.

I’m not going to point fingers, or hang anyone out to dry, but there are two sides to every story.