Pretty Wild release video for new song “Superman”

Pretty Wild release video for new song “Superman”

Swedish sleaze rockers Pretty Wild consisting of lead vocalist Ivan Ivve Höglund, guitarist Axl Ludwig, bassist Kim Chevelle and drummer Johnny Benson have released a video for their new song “Superman” from their new studio album titled Interstate 3, which will be released via Black Lodge Records on May 31, 2019.

Pretty Wild‘s “Biography” on their Facebook page states (with slight edits):

“Are you in it for raw, fearless and uncompromising high quality rock & roll? Scandinavian sleaze rockers Pretty Wild have you covered! Hailing from Malmö in southern Sweden, Pretty Wild began their journey back in 2006 by snowballing themselves throughout Europe and America with their EP “All The Way” and extended touring in both continents. Quickly getting the reputation of being a force you not only should, but HAVE to witness, the band saw themselves quickly climb to unforgettable heights.

Rerecording their EP, in addition to a bunch of new tracks and with Martin Sweet (Crashdïet, Sweet Creature) helming the production, landed them a record deal with SwedMetal Records in 2008, and after releasing it in early 2009, they saw themselves both third and first on various rock charts in Sweden. With top reviews and getting highlighted in several rock magazines the world over, Pretty Wild was on top of the game.

Extended touring and a killer reputation later got them a deal with Dead End Exit Records and 2014 saw the release of their debut full length gem “Pretty Wild“; an album packed with 14 thrillers and no fillers that made it an instant, now sold-out, jewel. It’s now 2018 and since Pretty Wild is once again about to unleash new material to both the known and unexplored realms, I’ll ask you once again; are you in it for raw, fearless and uncompromising high quality rock & roll? Cuz we sure as all Hell got it f*ckin’ coming!”

Pretty Wild‘s “Superman” video:

Pretty Wild – Superman (Official Music Video)

Official music video for Superman by Pretty Wild of their album, Interstate 13.Buy Interstate 13: Pretty Wild on Spotify: http…