Preview The Upcoming Whitesnake CD ‘Good To Be Bad’


March 2, 2008

Whitesnake’s upcoming CD ‘Good To Be Bad’ can be previewed at The album is scheduled for release on April 18 in Germany, April 21 in Europe and April 22 in USA/Canada.

To celebrate their 30th Anniversary, Whitesnake will release “Good to Be Bad”, through SPV / Steamhammer end of April in Europe and USA – their first studio album in a decade. The album features 11 new, slamming Whitesnake songs which are guaranteed to take their place alongside their multi-million selling catalogue.

Legendary front man, David Coverdale, says, “The new album contains all the elements I enjoy about Whitesnake, and more. I can hear moments that take me back to the bluesy, early years of the band all the way through the band’s musical history to fully embrace the more electric aspects of where we are now, as a band. I’m thrilled with it and can hardly wait to unleash it on an unsuspecting public! If this is indeed the last Whitesnake studio record then I’m happy to finish like this. It was a labour of love making this record…a joy… and I’m still enjoying listening to it. Can’t be bad!”

The 11 new songs, written by Coverdale & guitarist Doug Aldrich (who also co-produced the album with Coverdale & Michael McIntyre) provide a good balance of 8 rocking tracks and 3 ballads. Coverdale feels it’s the first ‘real’ Whitesnake album in almost 20 years, commenting “It’s very butch. Very muscular…”

Call On Me, Can You Hear The Wind Blow, Best Years, All I Want All I Need, Good To Be Bad, All For Love, Summer Rain, Lay Down Your Love, A Fool In Love, Got What You Need, ‘Til The End Of Time

With their blend of hard rock, soul, blues, and balladry plus a healthy dose of priapic posturing and good time fun, Whitesnake brings a welcome, positive energy to the current musical climate.

Additionally, Whitesnake will be taking to the road with Def Leppard, playing a series of co-headline shows across the UK, major festivals and headliner shows in summer of 2008. The internationally renowned, multi-platinum band will be featuring songs from David Coverdale’s colourful career including the hits (for the choir to join in with) and new material from ‘Good To Be Bad’.

This is an opportunity to experience the ultimate line-up and celebrate 30 years of Whitesnake, who are:- Doug Aldrich on guitar; Reb Beach on guitar; Timothy Drury on keyboards; Uriah Duffy on bass; Chris Frazier on drums and of course, the inimitable David Coverdale on vocals.

“I can’t wait to get back on stage – after being in the studio for most of 2007 I am most definitely ready to let off some steam. The front row should definitely be prepared!” says Coverdale

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