Primal Fear share lyric video for new track “Cancel Culture”

Primal Fear share lyric video for new track “Cancel Culture”

German heavy metal rockers Primal Fear consisting of bassist Mat Sinner; lead vocalist Ralf Scheepers; guitarists Tom Naumann, Magnus Karlsson and Alex Beyrodt; and, drummer Michael Ehré have unveiled a lyric video for their new track “Cancel Culture” from their latest studio album Code Red, which was released today via Atomic Fire Records.

Track List for Code Red:
01. Another Hero
02. The Flood
03. Deep In The Night
04. Cancel Culture
05. Play A Song
06. The World Is On Fire
07. Their Gods Have Failed
08. Steelmelter
09. Raged By Pain
10. Forever
11. Fearless

In an interview with Defenders of The Faith back in June 2022, Scheepers explained how he ended up hooking up with Sinner and Naumann, which led to the formation of Primal Fear. Scheepers indicated (with slight edits): “Yeah, there’s a little bit of history. We didn’t start with Primal Fear right away with our single careers. There was Sinner and Gamma Ray, like you just mentioned before. The split (with Gamma Ray) also happened because of the application with [Judas] Priest and so forth, which did not happen, so I was sitting around doing nothing [laughs]. Then Mat called and asked me if I wanted to join them in the studio in his hometown area of Stuttgart. They were recording another Sinner album and asked me if I wanted to join to do some choirs in the studio, which is what I did.

We sat together later and he said, “Hey Ralf. You just can’t stop your career. You have to do something.” So we somehow decided to write some songs. That’s what we did! We recorded the demo with four tracks, which is also on the first album. We sent it to Japan because those guys were still waiting for me from JVC back in the day. We got a record deal right away with Japan, which was a great start. Then the European companies got to know that we teamed up, so a fight actually started! People wanted to sign us, which is a great position to start from [laughs], so that’s what happened. We were really happy. We went into the studio and recorded the tracks.”

Primal Fear‘s “Cancel Culture” lyric video: