Priscilla Posts ‘Eight Lives Gone’ Album Promo

Priscilla Posts ‘Eight Lives Gone’ Album Promo

December 9, 2010

Priscilla are gearing up for the release of ‘Eight Lives Gone’ later this month by posting an album promo video. ‘Eight Lives Gone’ will be released on FNA Records — — and is the follow-up to the band’s 2010 album ‘High Fashion’.

Last month Priscilla vocalist Brad Slitt told Sleaze Roxx, “‘Eight Lives Gone’ features 13 and a half scorching, brand new tracks that are calculated to tear your face off. Honestly, the album is meant to be a calculated attack to dispel all past conceptions or notions of what Priscilla is, and finds us having way more in common with the current crop of European glam bands than anything from the ’80s Sunset Strip. The band may have a girl’s name, but that chick would be a strung-out, drug-addled street whore, and not a prissy lady.

The album’s hard, it’s heavy, and it’s a guttural assault on the senses. It plays through perfectly, and even the filler is killer. When we recorded this thing we went in with the notion of trying to make this generation’s ‘Back In Black’ (albeit on a budget), with not a dud tune in the mix.

I busted my ass to write the most effective and memorable sleaze rock tunes that you’d ever hear. These songs are meant to be anthems for the degenerates of the world. Also of note, this album will feature the official cuts (unlike the rough, early 4 track analog demos to be found on the Suncity Records album) of the already popular songs “High Tonight” and “High Fashion”, whose videos have been putting a good dent onto the YouTube audience. A video for the album’s title track, “Eight Lives Gone”, will be released before this Thanksgiving and shows a very dark side to the band. The song and the video are a punch in the gut to the mainstream conservative Bible-thumpers of the world — it’s dark and it’s very real.

The album looks like it will be out in time for Christmas (it was to be released in the first part of 2011), as FnA Records is now trying to put a rush on it, having already received quite a few pre-orders.”

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