Priscilla’s ‘Eight Lives Gone’ CD Now Available

Priscilla’s ‘Eight Lives Gone’ CD Now Available

January 24, 2011

FnA Records have released Priscilla’s brand new album ‘Eight Lives Gone’. Both the standard album and an autographed version can be purchased at

While digging through the trash, and scoping out the gutters, FnA Records has uncovered its dirtiest, sleaziest, trashiest band to date – Priscilla. Now don’t get us wrong, Priscilla is quite comfortable with these descriptions and even embrace them. They love what they do with a passion and often compare themselves to organized harmonic chaos.

Priscilla hails from the industrial confines of Cleveland, Ohio…a town that introduced the world to rock n’ roll, and that gave us the anarchy of THE DEAD BOYS, the industrial grind of NINE INCH NAILS, and the pounding fury that is MUSHROOMHEAD. It will now introduce the world to the final bombastic mechanism in the evolution of sleaze rock…PRISCILLA.

The organized, harmonic chaos that is PRISCILLA will put a bullet into the head of mainstream, commercial music once and for all. As far from the other side of conservative as one can possibly imagine, Priscilla is sweaty, hard, x-rated, pornographic rock n’ roll; destructive, yet, melodic, and always rebellious and cocky.

Priscilla combines forces spawned from the ashes of such luminaries as THE MARKY RAMONE BAND and ST.JAMES (Jaime St.James of Black N’ Blue), PRISCILLA presents a well-oiled and cohesive brand of sleaze rock that is all its own. This band is no corporate-sponsored, family friendly house of cards…this is code blue suicide played at an eardrum-shattering peak volume and comes to you from the back alleys of the slums. Their sound has been compared to an all night orgy fueled with quaaludes and cocaine, and their look crawls straight from the glam rock gutter.

Lead vocalist BRAD SLITT, looking like a Beverly Hills male prostitute that just spent the last 24 hours on a heroin bender, is akin to an angel with wings that the devil painted black, just as the title track from EIGHT LIVES GONE suggests. A junkie’s wet dream. He is the embodiment of the self-destructive movement of a generation hell bent on conquering the universe with their own backstreet religion, and his vocal delivery is controlled destruction, backed by an all out, high decibel six string assault. Slitt is as much an artist and a visionary as he is a musician. The new messiah of the sleaze generation has arrived.

Having already toured the entire United States and now bent on world domination, PRISCILLA isn’t going away anytime soon. Each and every song on EIGHT LIVES GONE is just as melodic and memorable as it is merciless and methodical with its intent to deconstruct the boundaries of the ordinary rock world and set conventions on their head. Give it just one listen and you’ll be forever infected. These songs are, indeed, 13 anthems for a degenerate world. Toss it down, alter your perception, and throw it back up…PRISCILLA isn’t preaching to the herd…they’re creating an altogether new one.

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