Promoter Is To Blame For Rock Fest Cancellation


Ratt, Warrant, Firehouse and L.A. Guns have issued a joint statement blaming the abrupt ending of their Metal Edge Rock Fest 2002 Tour (also including Dokken) on the promoter of the traveling festival’s Los Angeles date, which was scheduled to take place on September 14th at the Hollywood Palladium.

“The bands of the Metal Edge Rock Fest 2002 Tour extend their apologies for [the tour’s] abrupt ending in Tucson, AZ,” begins the statement. “The tour was scheduled to end on September 14th at the Hollywood Palladium.

“The promoter cancelled the [Los Angeles] show upon learning that Mick Brown (longtime Dokken drummer) had quit Dokken after playing the Phoenix, AZ show. Discussions commenced on allowing the remaining bands to perform the Hollywood show, but no agreement could be made with the promoter. Dokken had temporarily replaced Mick Brown with [L.A. Guns bassist] Adam Hamilton. Adam proved to [be able to] play drums as well as the bass at the Tucson, AZ show [the night after the Phoenix gig].

“This decision was last minute and unexpected by all the bands. All were looking forward to ending a great tour in the city where they all started their careers.

“On behalf of the bands, Ratt, Warrant, Firehouse and L.A. Guns, the crew and production office, we extend our disappointment and apologies — thank you for sticking by us. The decision was beyond our control — we had every intention to rock Hollywood and say farewell till next year.”

Courtesy of Blabbermouth