Prospect competing with 106,584 bands in Emergenza – world’s largest competition for underground bands

Prospect competing with 106,584 bands in Emergenza – world’s largest competition for underground bands

Norway rockers Prospect will be competing in Emergenza, which is an international competition for underground bands. Emergenza‘s website promotes the festival as “The one and only greatest festival for bands starting out” consisting of 106,585 bands, 16,585 bands, 36 nations and 840 clubs.

The following message was posted in part on Prospect’s Facebook page earlier today:

“Currently heading for Good Omens where we will be competing at the worlds largest competition for underground bands, Emergenza! Tell a friend! Come join the party!
( Sindre, see you there!)”

Emergenza‘s website describes the festival in the five following steps:

“1. Emergenza is the world’s biggest festival for unsigned bands with more than 150 cities around the world. Emergenza provides the best and most professionally equipped stages and helps you with promotion and understands your band. The only thing you need to do is play!

2. Every band has a 30 minutes set. There are elimination rounds throughout the season and this will give you the opportunity to advance and play in some of the best and most famous clubs around with international reputation.

3. The public democratically selects all the bands going through the next rounds. The vote is open to the crowd and they vote as many times as they like for as many bands as they like. This system is clear and all bands, musicians and fans alike will see the open vote. In the case of regional and final concerts, there will be a professional panel of judges.

4. All national winners will play at the international final in Germany. The trip and accomodation and local transportation is fully paid by Emergenza festival. During the 3 days of the Taubertal Open air Festival, your band will have a chance to share the bill and the stage with many successful and famous bands and play in front of 30000 people.

5. The best band in the world as voted by the jury will then get a full production, a tour, music instrument and other technical material. The best musicians will also get guitars, drums and other technical material from our many sponsors.”

Prospect self-released their debut album Rock ‘N’ Roll Beats And Electric Guitars back in early March 2019. Sleaze Roxx stated in its review: “Prospect‘s music is simple and many might say that it’s all been done before but who really cares? Prospect remind me of former Scandinavian band Wolfchild who went by the mantra ‘Real rock is not dead.’ That’s exactly what Prospect convey with their outstanding debut record — solid rock n’ roll at a fast pace along with a lead vocalist (Kenneth Lyng Myrslo) whose voice is like a really sharp razor that can cut through paper sharply and swiftly. Real rock really isn’t dead! There are no weak tracks to speak of on Rock ‘N’ Roll Beats And Electric Guitars. It’s simply balls to the walls rock n’ roll that’s simple and effective.”

Prospect‘s “Plug ‘N’ Play” video:

Prospect – Plug ‘N’ Play (Demo)

Prospect – Plug ‘N’ Play music video. Directed by Victoria Hellerud.Spotify: https://www.faceb…