Pröwess release video for new single “Lookin’ For A Bullet”

Pröwess release video for new single “Lookin’ For A Bullet”

North Carolina rockers Pröwess have released a video for their new single “Looking’ For A Bullet.” The video was filmed by Hive Minds Media and features Shana Buckstad.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Pröwess’ last album Roll’n With The Punches:

“Ultimately, I was not expecting much from Roll’n With The Punches when it was labeled as being a live recording, even though I had enjoyed the band’s Headfirst EP. I couldn’t have been more wrong in my expectation. I will be the first to admit that I might have to reassess my stance on live albums because I was completely blown away by the quality of Roll’n With The Punches. Saying that however, the live aspect has clearly been cleaned up in the studio to produce a more polished product for the market. Traces of audience noise and applause are left to the starts and ends of songs, and occasionally during breakdowns. For me though, that is fine. It doesn’t take away from the fact that the foundation of the recording is live with overdubs and studio refinement only enhancing the experience. Most bands do that these days anyway.

Pröwess have been one of the bands on my radar for sometime and I have constantly kept up with their activities. The release of Roll’n With The Punches is a testament to the band and its perseverance through what seems like endless situations of bad luck. In its short existence, the band has lost two original members, bassist Kenny Keeler injured his hand, their van was stolen damaging some of their equipment and most recently guitarist Adam Morris has had to step down for family reasons. Hopefully though, the tide turns and Roll’n With The Punches gets the band some well deserved attention. After all, they certainly have learned how to roll with the punches.”

Pröwess‘ “Lookin’ For A Bullet” video:

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