Pröwess release video for song “No Survivors”

Photo by Formont Photography

Pröwess release video for song “No Survivors”

North Carolina, USA rockers, Pröwess, have released a video for their song “No Survivors.”

Pröwess are a new group made up of essentially 21st Century Goliath members. Back in early November 2015, 21st Century Goliath and their long-time frontman Tony Leone parted ways. New singer Dalton Bowes was unveiled to the public at a show at the Lincoln Theater in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA on December 5, 2015. 21st Century Goliath were then scheduled to play at Amos’ Southend in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA on March 4, 2016 but that turned out to be the debut of the “new group” Pröwess.

The group’s new website states the following about the March 4th gig at Amos’ Southend (with slight edits):

“Mark it down folks! On this day, Friday March 4th, 2016, Pröwess made their debut live on stage at Amos’ Southend in Charlotte, NC in front of a packed house! Pröwess is billed as a new rock and roll band with hellacious energy, precision chops, killer instinct and plenty of bravado and attitude to match, and they certainly did not disappoint! The house was already rocking when the band hit the stage thanks to support from Charlotte bands Fiftywatt Freight Train and Something Clever, as well as newcomers The Black River Rebels from Upstate South Carolina! When Pröwess finally hit the stage the energy went through the roof and never slowed throughout their hour long set. There’s no doubt after this show that this up and coming band is taking over! Right out of the gate, Pröwess means business.”

– YouTube

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