Pröwess unleash video for single “All Downhill” from new album ‘Blacktop Therapy’

Pröwess unleash video for single “All Downhill” from new album ‘Blacktop Therapy’

North Carolina rockers Pröwess consisting of lead vocalist Dalton Bowes, guitarists Scott Roby and Curly Staples, bassist Kenny Mange and drummer Brandon Chinn have just unleashed a video for their new single “All Downhill” from debut full-length album Blacktop Therapy, which was released back on January 4, 2020.

Sleaze Roxx stated in one of its two reviews of Blacktop Therapy:

“The one drawback with Blacktop Therapy is that I find that there is no true rock anthem on the record. That being said, you have nine solid old school ’70s styled songs that will have you rocking out all the way through. One of my barometers on whether an album is a good one, and even a great one, is whether I want to hear it again after just listening to it. Based on the amount of times that I have listened to Blacktop Therapy on a consecutive basis, it’s safe to say that this is a great record! The gauntlet has been thrown by Pröwess and the bar has been set nice and high. If you like old school ’70s rock n’ roll but with a fresher sound, Pröwess‘ Blacktop Therapy is just what the doctor ordered.”

In an interview with Sleaze Roxx back in January 2020 that included two of his Pröwess bandmates, drummer Brandon Chinn cited “All Downhill” as one of his favourite tracks from Blacktop Therapy as he indicated:

“My favorite songs on the album would be “Every Right.” I completely agree with Kenny [Mange] on “Heart’s Desire” but I also really like “All Downhill.” It’s got a really, really punk driving sound to it and it’s just killer. The lyrics are just killer. “Every Right” — that’s one of the first songs that I recorded with these guys. That has a really special place for me because I mean, that’s my first time in a studio. You know, that really taught me a lot and then, I would say, “Heart’s Desire.” That’s the first song that I did in the studio that just felt easy. When I did it, it was awesome. But to speak on that too, those songs are great but the other songs are just as good. It’;s just a personal preference. You can listen to the whole album and be like, “Wow!” You know, every song is good, at least in my opinion.”

Pröwess‘ “All Downhill” video: