‘Pulling Your Hair Out’ Book Slated For Fall Release


April 29, 2008

Writer Ray Miller is working on a book entitled ‘Pulling Your Hair Out’ that will look into the hair metal phenomenon of the 1980s. The book is slated for a fall release and will be available at www.rockbiographer.com.

Stories of Decadence and Excess that Shaped 1980’s Metal

Hollywood was always the land of excess. Whether the housewives in Beverly Hills with their diamonds and furs, the businessmen with their Jaguars, or the celebrities trying to see and be seen, the city was a testimonial to the concept of more is better.

The music business had tried for years to tap into the formula, albeit with limited success. Sure, there was Alice Cooper, KISS, David Bowie and Elton John who had successfully blended talent, image and showmanship. It wasn’t until the Hair Metal revolution that a genre fuly tapped into the keg of outrageousness that would soon define it.

Like a well orchestrated trainwreck of Ziggy Stardust and Black Sabbath, those involved with Hair Metal understood that to succeed, the music (no matter how good) had to get noticed. Armed with spandex, eye liner, Aquanet, high heels and leather as their weapons of choice, bands quickly began to carve their place in rock and roll history.

The music was unlike anything that the world of rock and roll had ever witnessed before. With rhythm lines that seemingly were designed to enter through your ears and exit through your genitals, the music dripped with sex appeal. While the free love of the 1960’s was over, this new generation was determined that they too would have their own rebellion, and Hair Metal was the vehicle that would speed them toward their own modern day Soddom and Gomorrah.

Coming in Fall 2008

Courtesy of www.rockbiographer.com