Purchase A Chance To Meet Rick Allen Of Def Leppard


May 12, 2008

Rick Allen is offering the chance to meet him backstage before the Def Leppard concert in select UK cities during the month of June. The winner, plus one guest, will get the chance to chat with Rick, take photos, and get autographs before the show. All proceeds from this drive will be donated to Rick’s Raven Drum Foundation and their Trauma & Resiliency Program, a comprehensive project for veterans and survivors of trauma which uses drumming as a healing tool. The Raven Drum Foundation was founded in 2001 by Rick Allen and Lauren Monroe, a musician and healing practitioner, in order to educate, support, and empower trauma survivors.

Each on-line ticket costs $10.00 USD. There is no limit to the amount of tickets you may purchase. The more you buy, the better your chances are of winning! There will only be ONE winner chosen so don’t miss out! Purchase your on-line ticket by going to www.ravendrum.org. The drive closes on June 8th at 12 noon (PST). Only one winner will be selected. Once the winner is selected they will be contacted directly and asked to select their city. There will be one winner, one city!

Participating cities include the following:

* 6/16: Glasgow
* 6/18: Birgmingham
* 6/20: Manchester
* 6/21: Belfast
* 7/14: Wales
* 6/24: Newcastle
* 7/15: Liverpool
* 7/17: Nottingham

Please note there are no Meet and Greets available for London and Sheffield. Please go to www.ravendrum.org or call (310) 779-5836 for additional information.

Courtesy of www.defleppard.com