Queensrÿche release lyric video for song “Bent”

Queensrÿche release lyric video for song “Bent”

Queensrÿche consisting of lead vocalist Todd La Torre, guitarist Michael Wilton and Parker Lundgren, bassist Eddie Jackson and apparent touring drummer Casey Grillo have released a video for their song “Bent” from their latest studio album The Verdict, which was released back on March 1, 2019.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Queensrÿche‘s live performance at the inaugural Slam Fest held in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada back on July 6, 2019:

“With the band’s last three albums that have all featured Todd La Torre, Queensrÿche have made a conscious effort to rekindle that relationship with their fan-base. They have brought forth a sound of old that many are really gravitating towards. I myself commend the band for doing so and feel that a lot of the material on those three albums is stellar, but with that said, in a concert setting, I prefer to hear the popular material. Possibly it’s because they followed Great White and Skid Row. With those two bands playing so many hits, it created a certain expectation. Somehow, Queensrÿche missed that mark, but they are entitled to play whatever they want and I feel had it been solely a Queensrÿche show, I would have been a little more receptive to what they had to offer.”

Queensrÿche‘s “Bent” lyric video:

QUEENSRŸCHE – Bent (Lyric Video)

QUEENSRŸCHE – Bent (Lyric Video). Taken from the album “The Verdict”, out March 1st, 2019. Order now: https://Queensryche.lnk.to/TheVerdictID