Queensrÿche unleash lyric video for track “Inner Unrest”

Queensrÿche unleash lyric video for track “Inner Unrest”

Queensrÿche consisting of lead vocalist Todd La Torre, guitarist Michael Wilton and Parker Lundgren, bassist Eddie Jackson and touring drummer Casey Grillo have unleashed a lyric video for their track “Inner Unrest” from their latest studio album The Verdict, which was released via Century Media Records back on March 1, 2019.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of The Verdict:

“2019’s The Verdict continues in the same direction. The heavy guitar lines, fast solos, vocal vibrato, shrieks, and wails are all present in opening track “Blood of the Levant.” Queensrÿche explain that “This song is based on real events that sparked the onset of the Syrian War.” “Dark Reverie” is the first opportunity the band and the listener both have to catch their breath. Although Queensrÿche’s harder songs are excellent, songs like “Dark Reverie” remind us that they continue to write great songs that rely more on atmosphere than riffs and fast beats and show us current examples of Queensrÿche’s versatility and emotionally heavy side. “Bent” picks the tempo back up.  La Torre explains that “’Bent’ is a lyrical conglomerate of social injustices and societal struggles infused with progressive musicality.”

Thus, we also realize that Queensrÿche haven’t abandoned their political and social commentary. It’s not too difficult to interpret The Verdict as a reading of America’s current political turmoil. Queensrÿche have — probably wisely — left the lyrics open and abstract enough that one can argue that The Verdict is about any number of people, situations, eras, and places. My interpretation is that The Verdict calls into question America’s current administration, but the ambiguity of the lyrics — we don’t hear any mention of particular names, for example — allows Queensrÿche to speak about serious topics without alienating or offending any particular segment of their fan base. Queensrÿche provoke thought without controlling it. Closing track “Portrait” is the moodiest song on the record and feels like it could have been an Empire track. In fact, The Verdict sounds like either a natural progression from Empire or to it.”

Queensrÿche‘s “Inner Unrest” lyric video:

QUEENSRŸCHE – Inner Unrest (Lyric Video)

QUEENSRŸCHE – Inner Unrest (Lyric Video). Taken from the album “The Verdict”, released March 1, 2019. Order now: https://Queensryche.lnk.to/TheVerdictIDQUEEN…