Quiet Riot Allstars On Rock And A Hard Place TV Show


November 19, 2008


Quiet Riot drummer Frankie Banali has updated his Myspace page with the following news:

In January 2008 I was approached by the talent agency that books the artists that appear on the Meat Loaf hosted “Rock And A Hard Place” music game show for Direct TV’s channel 101 Network. They asked me to put together a three person group to appear on the game show. My first reaction was to make sure that they were aware that Kevin DuBrow had passed away in November 2007 just two month prior to receiving this request.

They explained that they were aware of Kevin’s passing and offered their condolences, but still wanted to know if I would put something together for the appearance. My first question was to know the object of doing the show. They informed me of the show’s format and that the winning dollar amount would be donated to a charity of my choice. That being the case I made sure that they understood that if I were to agree they would have to bill it as the “QUIET RIOT ALLSTARS” rather than just as QUIET RIOT. I told the agency that I would have to get back to them with my decision.

I gave careful consideration to what sort of a QUIET RIOT ALLSTAR lineup I would put together. At no time did I consider including the so called “Metal Health” lineup for this appearance. This was based on many reasons but the most obvious ones were the great deal of speculation and fanning of the fires for QUIET RIOT to continue with a singer to replace Kevin. That was not an option or a consideration on my part from the moment that Kevin passed away and I still feel that way. I did not want to give anyone the impression that this could be the precursor to a reunion.

The obvious choice would have been to have long time QUIET RIOT bassist Chuck Wright and guitarist Alex Grossi, both who were in the last live versions of QUIE RIOT to do the show with me. Kevin loved working with both Chuck and Alex as I did, but unfortunately they were both going to be on the road with “Hookers & Blow” at the time of the taping of the show.

I decided to have two of the best musicians and friends that I know do the show with me. Bassist Tony Franklin and guitarist/engineer Neil Citron both of whom recorded the last QUIET RIOT studio release “Rehab” which was Kevin’s favorite QUIET RIOT record after our “Metal Health” release. Tony Franklin’s musical pedigree speaks for itself as does Grammy Award winning recipient Neil Citron’s qualifications as “Allstars” on their own as well as having recorded with QUIET RIOT, hence the title “QUIET RIOT ALLSTARS” as the marquee title for this appearance.

The most important factor in my decision to do this show was my ability to designate the American Cancer Society as the recipient of the shows winnings. This is a cause that is important to me having lost both of my parents to cancer as well as many other family members and friends. You will have to watch the show to see if we were successful in that endeavor!

The show was filmed on April 9, 2008 and premiers on November 25, 2008 with recurring airings.

I have posted a promotional clip for the appearance here on my Myspace homepage.

Frankie Banali
Los Angeles, CA

Courtesy of www.myspace.com/frankiebanali