Quiet Riot’s first two albums with Randy Rhoads reissued via No Remorse Records

Quiet Riot’s first two albums with Randy Rhoads reissued via No Remorse Records

No Remorse Records has some exciting news for diehard Quiet Riot and Randy Rhoads fans as it has reissued the group’s first two albums Quiet Riot (1977) and Quiet Riot II (1978), which were originally only released in Japan.

Track List for reissued Quiet Riot:
01. It’s Not So Funny
02. Mama’s Little Angels
03. Tin Soldier
04. Ravers
05. Back To The Coast
06. Glad All Over
07. Get Your Kicks
08. Look In Any Window
09. Just How You Want It
10. Riot Reunion
11. Fit To Be Tied
12. Demolition Derby
13. Suicidal Show (bonus track taken from ‘Suicidal Show’ 7″ EP)
14. Just How You ant It (bonus track taken from ‘Suicidal Show’ 7″ EP)
15. West Coast Tryouts (bonus track taken from ‘Suicidal Show’ 7″ EP)

Track List for reissued Quiet Riot II:
01. Slick Black Cadillac
02. You Drive Me Crazy
03. Afterglow (Of Your Love)
04. Eye For An Eye
05. Trouble
06. Killer Girls
07. Face To Face
08. Inside You
09. We’ve Got The Magic

No Remorse Records‘ website outlines the following details (with slight edits) for each reissued Quiet Riot album:

“The CD comes with a 20-page booklet including lyrics, many photos and liner notes by Regina Banali, Ron Sobol (Quiet Riot photographer), and Melissa Whitney (author of “Keep On Rollin’ – My Fan Club Years with Kevin Dubrow and Quiet Riot“).

Quiet Riot is a phenomenon with a long history. The first incarnation of the band goes way back and in 1975 the name Quiet Riot was born, with the line-up of guitarist Randy Rhoads, vocalist Kevin DuBrow, bassist Kelly Garni, and drummer Drew Forsyth. Despite the local popularity in Los Angeles, California, they didn’t manage to secure a record deal in the United States but they released the “Suicidal Show” EP in 1975, a historical recording that is also included herein. The “Quiet Riot” album was originally released in Japan, on vinyl only, and now it is finally reissued, offering to the fans a sentimental and nostalgic look in Quiet Riot‘s early years. Randy Rhoads later joined Ozzy Osbourne, and with a different line-up, Quiet Riot in 1983 released “Metal Health“, that became the first heavy metal album to top the Billboard album chart, reaching a 6x Platinum status in the United States, helping the (new then) generation of ’80s hard rock and (pop) metal music to have a wider access on radios and TV shows.”