R.I.P. ex-Frehley’s Comet bassist John Regan (1951-2023)

R.I.P. ex-Frehley’s Comet bassist John Regan (1951-2023)

One of the unsung great musicians is no longer among us as former Frehley’s Comet bassist John Regan has passed away yesterday (on April 7, 2023) at the age of 71 years old.  The cause of Regan‘s death is not known to Sleaze Roxx at this time. Regan played in Frehley’s Comet / Ace Frehley‘s solo band from 1984 to 1990 and he also was the bassist for Peter Frampton for a number of decades starting back in 1979. In late December 2018, it was announced that Regan with his former Frehley’s Comet bandmates Tod Howarth (lead vocals, guitar) and Richie Scarlet (guitar) along with drummer Steve “Budgie” Warner were teaming up as the Return of The Comet.

John Regan’s Discography:
Peter Frampton – Rise Up (1980)
Peter Frampton – Breaking All The Rules (1981)
Peter Frampton – Art of Control (1982)
Bowie & Jagger – Dancing in the Street (1985) (single version)
The Rolling Stones – Dirty Work (1986)
Billy Idol – Whiplash Smile (1986)
Frehley’s CometFrehley’s Comet (1987)
Frehley’s CometSecond Sighting (1988)
Frehley’s CometLive+1 (1988)
Bonnie Tyler – Hide Your Heart (1988)
Ace FrehleyTrouble Walkin’ (1989)
Michael Monroe – Not Fakin’ It (1989)
David Bowie – Black Tie White Noise (1993)
David Lee Roth – Your Filthy Little Mouth (1994)
Peter Frampton – Frampton Comes Alive 2 (1995)
Ace Frehley12 Picks (1997)
Ace FrehleyLoaded Deck (1988)
Eric Stuart BandBlue, Dressed In Black (2000)
Ace Frehley – Greatest Hits Live (2006)
Four By FateRelentless (2016)
Richie Scarlet – The Catman & The Emperor (2020)

The tributes for Regan have been pouring in via Facebook.

Cathy Merring-Regan (John Regan’s wife) – “It is with the greatest sorrow and sadness that I let you all know John passed away this afternoon. So many people have posted messages of love and condolences on his phone. I am trying to figure out how to post on any of his fb pages. I appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers. One of his favorite quotes was “All that you can take with you is that which you’ve given away”. From reading your messages, I know he gave much away and so much love was sent to him. He passed suddenly, but that was his wish.

I had heard him over the past few weeks having lengthy conversations with many of you and you brought such joy to him.

Thank you all for your heartfelt messages.”

Eddie Trunk – “Saddened and shocked to learn John Regan has passed away. I have so many amazing memories with John. He was a massively important part of the late 80’s Ace Frehley albums I was involved in both in front of and behind the scenes. Very much the glue that held it all together in so many ways. A fantastic musician and amazingly kind person. As a kid working for a label back in the late 80s John always treated me with so much respect and helped me in many ways. We were very close back then. Hung out on the road together, went to London together, talked all the time, endless stories! One that comes to mind was when he bought a really cool brief case for me when I was promoted to VP at Megaforce. I used to show up at studio sessions pretty scattered. One day John presented me with a Haliburton brief case signed by him, Ace and all the guys. I still have it. He played with so many artists over his career and was loved by all. More when back on the air Monday. But my condolences to his family, fans, band mates and friends. RIP John Regan”

Bruce Kulick – “Sad news about the loss of John Regan today. We got to tour together in Australia in 2017. He was a fantastic musician and wonderful person. RIP John. 😞

Frehley’s Comet‘s “Into The Night” vide0 (from Frehley’s Comet album):

Frehley’s Comet‘s “Insane” video (from Second Sighting album):

Return of The Comet performing live at Showcase Live in Foxboro, Maschussetts, USA on April 12, 2019 (video from Rock n Roll All Night‘s YouTube page):