R.I.P. former David Lee Roth guitarist Bart Walsh (1963-2019)

R.I.P. former David Lee Roth guitarist Bart Walsh (1963-2019)

Sad news as former David Lee Roth and Atomic Punks guitarist Bart Walsh passed away back on November 2, 2019. Walsh‘s family has reportedly indicated that the cause of his death was gastrointestinal bleed and dehydration.

Blackbird Management‘s website states the following about Walsh‘s music career including his discography (with slight edits):

Bart Walsh is a veteran guitarist, who is best known as the original guitarist for the amazing Van Halen tribute band The Atomic Punks. His years spent performing with them caught the eye of VH frontman David Lee Roth, and he was soon recruited to join Dave on his 1999 world tour as his lead guitarist.

Although Bart is best known for his time playing hard rock, he grew up under the tutalege of his great uncle Cecil Campbell, a country music hall of famer. He is truly an accomplished musician, whose playing is incredibly well rounded.

Schooled at the Musicians Institute in LA, along side notables like Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson), and Paul Gilbert (Racer X and Mr. Big), Walsh put together the band Lancia. They quickly became a top LA draw, and their self-titled CD was released in Japan to great acclaim.

After his time with the Atomic Punks and David Lee Roth, Bart worked with Poison frontman Bret Michaels for a while on one of his solo projects, and then went to work for Gibson Guitars. For several years, Bart traveled all over for Gibson doing hundreds of clinics demonstrating their products, and educating buyers on all the things that make Gibson the company of legend that they are.

He is currently working on multiple projects, one with his wife Delaney, on her first full length CD release, where Bart has played all the guitars on the CD, as well as produced the entire disc. Delaney Walsh’s CD is an Americana release, covering the genres of blues, rock, folk, and country. Bart‘s playing and production skills truly shine on this recording, as does the incredible vocals of his wife. When he isn’t in the studio, Bart is hard at work on an all-star project called the Rock Dawgs, which features some of his closest friends and musicians, including grammy winning Judas Priest drummer Scott Travis.

1983 – Threshold – Indie EP
1989 – Hunter – Indie EP
1991 – Lancia – AIE/Pony Canyon Japan
1995 – Atomic PunksTechno Tribute to Van Halen
1996 – with Robin Mc CauleyForever ModTribute to Rod Stewart
2001 – David Lee RothNo Holds BBQ – DVD
2009 – Delaney Walsh

David Lee Roth‘s “movie” No Holds Bar-B-Que:

David Lee Roth’s No Holds Bar-B-Que

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Atomic Punks performing Van Halen‘s “Spanish Fly” and “Eruption” at FM Station in 1996:

Atomic Punks – “Spanish Fly/Eruption” – FM Station – 1996 – Song #6

Damn awesome job by Bart doing his note for note flair of Eddie Van Halen’s classic guitar solos from the first 2 albums…. Damn this guy can play!