R.I.P. former The Quireboys guitarist Guy Bailey

R.I.P. former The Quireboys guitarist Guy Bailey

One of The Quireboys‘ founding members — guitarist Guy Bailey — passed away on April 6, 2023. Sleaze Roxx does not know the cause of Bailey‘s death at this time. Bailey was part of The Quireboys (also known as The London Quireboys) from 1984 to 1993 and 1995 (according to Wikipedia). Following The Quireboys‘ split with long-time frontman Spike in late March 2022, Bailey reunited with Spike and bassist Nigel Mogg to form the band Quireboys.

Guy Bailey’s partial Discography:
The QuireboysA Bit of What You Fancy (1990)
The QuireboysLive Album (Recorded Around The World) (1990)
The QuireboysBitter Sweet & Twisted (1993)

During the last few hours, there have been many tributes made to Bailey via Facebook.

The Quireboys guitarist Guy Griffin — “36 years since we met, 6 years in a band together, through so many great highs and another 30 years as friends, brothers in arms. I learnt a lot from you, most definitely, Chuck Berry licks!

Your songwriting set the bar – great songs. We set the world on fire for a while and I’m happy I was along with you on that amazing ride we shared – things that only we can understand, no one else.

You had the driest, most intelligent wit, sometimes it was hard to have a come back but it was fun trying!

I’ll miss the conversations, also the disagreements, but more than that I will miss you.

I’m glad I got to say goodbye…

Condolences to Bianca & your family.

God Bless you Guy.

Griff x”

Paul Guerin (The Quireboys guitarist) – “I’m so sad to receive the news that Guy Bailey has passed away, what a smashing fella, a great songwriter, a very whitty man and a real gent.

Guy was very enthusiastic and complimentary to me when I joined the band some twenty odd years ago which will always mean a lot to me, we certainly had a lot of laughs over the years.

Myself and everyone who’s path you crossed are going to miss you Guy.

My deapest condolences to Bianca and his family.

Rest in peace Guy.


Spike (Quireboys and ex-The Quireboys frontman) – “I’m heartbroken to have to write this.

My best friend Guy Bailey passed away peacefully in hospital last night in the arms of his beloved Bianca.

Guy was the kindest, funniest man you could have the pleasure of being around. He was loved by everyone who he ever worked with, all the bands he ever toured with and all the Quireboys fans he ever met. He certainly loved you all more than you will ever know.

I have so much I would like to share and say to everyone about him but this is just such a hard time for me and everyone close to him. I hope you all understand.

But for the Quireboys fans out there I would just like to say, me and Guy Bailey have written the songs for a new album, and me and Chris Johnstone, Nigel Mogg and Rudy Richman will fulfill his wishes that these songs are recorded and a new Quireboys album will be released this year.

So everyone raise a glass for Guy Bailey and lets keep rock ‘n’ roll alive for him.

I love you mate.

I know you’re having a drink with our dads now and looking down and watching us bubble.

Your best mate Spikey xx”

The Quireboys‘ “7 O’Clock” video (from A Bit of What You Fancy album):