R.I.P. Glamour Punks guitarist Jason “Skitzo” Farmer (1970-2018)

R.I.P. Glamour Punks guitarist Jason “Skitzo” Farmer (1970-2018)

Very sad news as Glamour Punks guitarist Jason “Skitzo” Farmer passed away peacefully on May 8, 2018. He was only 47 years old. Jason played in a number of bands over his musical career including Tommy And The Love Tribe (1987-1990), the Glamour Punks (1990 to present), 12 Gauge Ritual (formed in 1997) as well as Dead Girls Corp, The Mistakes and Haze.

A GoFundMe has been started to assist Jason‘s family with the funeral expenses. The GoFundMe campaign states:

“As everyone knows funeral expenses can cost a lot of money and with Jason‘s sudden death, it is leaving an extreme hardship on Aimee. As of now she is a single mom raising  2 children she can really use some support.

New Freedom – Jason D. Farmer, 47, passed away peacefully at home on Tuesday, May 8, 2018. He was born on June 5, 1970 to Sharon Matthews-Maul and David Farmer. Jason was loved and raised by his mother and stepfather, Rodger Maul. Jason was an extremely smart and talented man. He graduated school as an electrician, earning his certificate and the President’s Award. He was an amazing musician and could play any instrument he touched. He had many fans of his music all over the world. Jason lived in Los Angeles, CA, most of his life, moving there in 1990, and has played in many bands over the years, Tommy and The Love Tribe, Stars From Mars, The Glamour Punks, Dead Girls Corp., The Mistakes, Haze, and many more. Jason was a true genius on so many levels.

He is survived by his wife and soulmate, Aimee Farmer; his daughters, Madalin Aslinn Farmer and Tori Farmer-Seal; brother, Eric Rohrbaugh; and nephew, Kashton. Jason‘s true joys were his granddaughters, Kynlee, Haven, Lana, and Lettie. He also has a grandson, Jason Paul, on the way who is due to join us in July of this year. There will be a small Celebration of Life for Jason at Seven Sports Bar & Grille, 14 E. Franklin Street, New Freedom, on Sunday, May 13 at 2 p.m. Please dress casual. HartensteinCares.com

Published in York Daily Record & York Dispatch on May 11, 2018″

There will reportedly be a memorial for Jason at the Rainbow Bar & Grill in West Hollywood, California, USA on June 1, 2018.

Speaking to Sleaze Roxx, Jason‘s wife Aimee advised: “Jason did a lot of tracks for movies and shows, most of which he wasn’t given credit for. The most recent was a few tracks for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. The two albums that are out that you can buy [involving Jason] are The Glamour Punks and 12 Gauge Ritual.”

Jason and his Glamour Punks bandmates were interviewed by Sleaze Roxx back in 2012. Jason recalled being part of the Sunset Strip in the late ’80s / early ’90s: “There will never be another time in history that resembles that of Hollywood in that era. I can’t speak for everyone who was there because not everyone had it so good, but my experience was awesome. I don’t have to sit around and wonder what it would be like to be a rock star because I lived it. Anything I needed was given to me. I never had cash in my pocket and it didn’t matter because everything was free. I had a bag with all of my belongings, a guitar and amp. Wherever that stuff was is where I was living at the time. I had my little clique and nothing else really mattered. We looked out for each other. Non-stop adventure to the point that it really started to cloud my thinking and made it easy for me to get side tracked. There’s just no way to fully explain how crazy it was. I’ve tried to explain it to people and they just think I’m making shit up. If you weren’t there you wouldn’t be able to comprehend the madness. Sometimes I question it myself — did that really happen?”

2012 – Glamour PunksCan’t Fake The Punk
2012 – Glamour PunksOne Sick Posse
2013 – 12 Gauge RitualPull The Trigger

Glamour Punks‘ “Bad Attitudes” song:

Glamour Punks – Bad Attitudes (new 2012 studio version)

From the new Glamour Punks CD “One Sick Posse” release date 3/29/2012. LIVE AT THE ROXY – JUNE 2ND w/ Blackboard Jungle, Swingin Thing, & Fizzy Bangers.