R.I.P. guitar legend Jeff Beck (1944-2023)

R.I.P. guitar legend Jeff Beck (1944-2023)

The world has lost one of its true guitar legends as 78 years old guitarist Jeff Beck passed away yesterday (on January 10, 2023) from bacteria meningitis.

Beck rose to prominence when he joined The Yardbirds in March 1965 replacing Eric Clapton. He only stayed in the band for 20 months but the group released a number of hits during that time period including “Heart Full of Soul” (1965), “Evil Hearted You”/”Still I’m Sad” (1965), “Shapes of Things” (1966) and “Over Under Sideways Down” (1966). Beck went on to release three studio records under The Jeff Beck Group and eleven solo studio albums. He ended up winning eight Grammy Awards.

Discography (Studio Albums):
Jeff Beck — Truth (1968)
The Jeff Beck Group — Beck-Ola (1969)
The Jeff Beck Group — Rough And Ready (1971)
The Jeff Beck Group — Jeff Beck Group (1972)
Beck, Bogert & Appice — Beck, Bogert & Appice (1973)
Jeff Beck — Blow By Blow (1975)
Jeff Beck — Wired (1976)
Jeff Beck There & Back (1980)
Jeff Beck — Flash (1985)
Jeff Beck — Jeff Beck’s Guitar Shop (1989)
Jeff Beck with Jed Leiber — Frankie’s House (1992)
Jeff Beck with the Big Town Playboys — Crazy Legs (1993)
Jeff Beck — Who Else! (1999)
Jeff Beck — You Had It Coming (2000)
Jeff Beck — Jeff (2003)
Jeff Beck — Emotion & Commotion (2010)
Jeff Beck — Loud Hailer (2016)
Jeff Beck with Johnny Depp – 18 (2022)

Jeff Beck‘s “Ambitious” video:

The Yardbirds‘ “Heart Full of Soul” video: