R.I.P. HighVolMusic principal Bill Chavis who passed away after battle with Covid

R.I.P. HighVolMusic principal Bill Chavis who passed away after battle with Covid

Sleaze Roxx has some very sad news to report as Bill Chavis, one of rock n’ roll’s most passionate supporters in this day and age, passed away at the age of 55 due to Covid yesterday. Chavis was the principal behind the small but mighty record label HighVolMusic and previously ran the label Chavis Records. HighVolMusic‘s current roster of artists included A Rising Force, Asphalt Valentine, Every Mother’s Nightmare, Native Sons, P.J. Farley (Trixter), Ron Keel, Snake Eyes Seven and Thrill Ride. Other artists that have been featured on Chavis Records include Keel, BulletBoys and Quiet Riot.

Back on August 16, 2021, Chavis posted the following dire message on his Facebook page:

“just a quick update: i’m not well in fact i checked out yesterday and they brought me back. i’m in icu going to be in here for a while and don’t know if i’ll make it out.

to all my friends thank you to all my artists thank you to my staff thank you. hug your loved ones take care of each other. covid is no joke i’m living in it’s hell right now

love you all


Less than 24 hours ago, Brad Lee, who has worked closely with Chavis over the last few years, posted a message on his Facebook page that Chavis and his wife Lori were not out of the woods by any means with respect to their battle with Covid as he indicated:

Bill Chavis and Lori McNew Chavis are still in need of our thoughts and prayers . Unfortunately they are both fighting this virus and under physicians care . We are all pulling for a full recovery for them both. Our positivity is much needed . 🙏

Chavis was known to really get behind the artists on his record label.  A number of tributes have been posted on Facebook since Chavis passed away.

Native Sons: “Bill Chavis blessed everyone around him. He cared and loved all his friends. Bill treated us more like family than anything and anyone who really knew him, knew how much they meant to him. The world is a little darker without you brother. We ask for prayers for Lori Chavis and his family. Please respect the families privacy as they are grieving, anything they want us to know they will tell us. Rest east brother I’ll see you again.”

Ron Keel: “I received word earlier today that my friend and partner Bill Chavis, head of HighVolMusic, has passed away from Covid-19. We have been friends for 20 years and Bill was a tough strong man with a tireless dedication to his family, his values, his business, his artists and rock n roll in general. Our work together was just beginning, as he had signed Ron Keel Band to a multi-album deal and we were just recently discussing the next steps and future projects.

He believed in me and my music when few others did and gave us – and every artist on his roster – his full attention and dedication. I am one among many who are shocked and deeply shaken by his passing. To all of the HighVol Music family, artists, fans and friends, I join you in grieving the loss of one of the true good guys I’ve had the privilege of knowing and working with.”

P.J. Farley: “R.I.P. to a guy who loved music, his friends and his family. He had an extended family as the owner of Highvolmusic and believed in my music enough to put it out and be a part of it. Bill Chavis lost his battle with Covid today and his wife Lori McNew Chavis is still fighting in the hospital. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Brad Lee: “I need time to process the last 48hrs and especially the last few hrs . Please be respectful of my time and space . I am not taking calls or answering messages. I just want to be alone with my thoughts. Just know that this is why I make sure to tell you if I love you ! He was more than just a friend . He was my brother in and out of business. He had plans! We had plans! This wasn’t supposed to happen this way. He was so full of life. I love you and WE WILL MEET AGAIN.”

Every Mother’s Nightmare‘s “Breathe” video (from Resurrect The Faithful album):