R.I.P. Mr. Riot — Band comes to an end but new album ‘My Life, My Road’ now available

R.I.P. Mr. Riot — Band comes to an end but new album ‘My Life, My Road’ now available

Italian rockers Mr. Riot announced last month that they were going to disband and they played their last show together yesterday (on October 21, 2017) at the Legend Club Milano in Milan, Italy. Nevertheless, the group released its second album My Life, My Road yesterday. Mr. Riot previously released one album Same Old Town back in 2014.

The following message was posted on Mr. Riot‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“All good things must come to an end. And We did it! We haven’t enough words to thank you all! They have been 3 magnificent years, Full of emotions. A path that We will never forget, We will bring you all in our heart, because it is only thanks to you if Mr. Riot, today, have come up here!

No more words needed, because it is the end.

Thank you, from the bottom of our 4 hearts.


Mario, Thomas, Denny, Angelo.

Ps. And don’t forget that “My Life, My Road” is out!!

Pic by: @Silvia Colombo

Track List for My Life, My Road:
01. All The Promises
02. My Life, My Road
03. Never (All Your Lies)
04. Word
05. Superstar
06. 10,000 Miles
07. Little Child
08. One More Day
09. Fly Away
10. I’ll Be There
11. Here I Am

Track List for Same Old Town:
01. Wake Up!
02. Scream And Shout
03. Rock ‘N Roll
04. Mr. Riot
05. Illusion
06. America
07. Sexy Photograph
08. Close Your Eyes
09. Wild Raw
10. Spread Our Love
11. Same Old Town

Mr. Riot‘s “Superstar” video:

Mr. Riot – Superstar (Official Video)

All music written by: Mario Nappi-Thomas Libero-Denis Valsesia-Angelo Armento.Lyrics: Thomas LiberoProduced by: Mr. RiotRecorded: Music Ink, Paruzzaro (NO)Mi…

Mr. Riot‘s “Rock ‘N’ Roll” video:

Mr. Riot – Rock ‘N’ Roll (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Lyrics Below*”Rock ‘N’ Roll” is our second single, track n°3 from our debut album “Same Old Town”.Music video performed by: Mr. Riot @ Same Old Town Release…