R.I.P. Potion 13 (2002-2019) — Band calls it a day seven months after bassist Nathalie Baril’s passing

R.I.P. Potion 13 (2002-2019) — Band calls it a day seven months after bassist Nathalie Baril’s passing

Many Sleaze Roxx readers might wonder who Potion 13 are. They are French Canadian heavy metal rockers that have decided to call it a day after taking some time to evaluate whether to continue or not after their bassist Natalie Baril passed away from a brain tumour back in May 2019.

The following message was posted on Potion 13‘s Facebook page back on May 6, 2019:

“It is with great sadness that we must announce that our bass player Nathalie Baril has passed away from a brain tumor. All of us are in shock… No word can express the deep sorrow we feel. Our thoughts are with her daughter Yunia and her mother France in these difficult times. We’ll miss you, Naty!!! xxx Rest in peace. xxx”

The group announced its decision of disbanding yesterday with the following Facebook page (in French), which essentially indicates that the remaining band members do not want to continue since the passing of their bassist Nathalie Baril and despite the passage of time since her death:

Potion 13

Nous tenons à remercier tous ceux qui ont participé à notre belle aventure, sans vous tous, cela n’aurait jamais été possible!
Donc, un gros merci les fans, les musiciens, les promoteurs, les animateurs de radio et de télé, les webmestres qui ont hébergé nos pages d’artiste, les webradios, les animateurs webradios, les magazines, les webzines, les chroniqueurs, les photographes, les vidéastres, le staff des bars et des salles de spectacle et les techs.

Nous gardons de magnifiques souvenirs et sommes reconnaissants d’avoir pu partager notre passion avec vous tous.

Depuis le décès de Nathalie, nous n’avons plus envie de continuer sans elle.

Lors de l’hommage prononcé en l’honneur de notre bassiste et amie Nathalie, bien des gens nous ont demandé d’attendre pour prendre notre decision concernant la survie de notre band.

Malgré le temps passé, nos sentiments sont toujours les mêmes, il est trop difficile pour nous de remplacer notre soeur!

Potion 13 a versé sa dernière goutte..!

Sleaze Roxx caught Potion 13‘s set when the group opened for Helloween at the Théâtre Corona in Montreal, Quebec, Canada back on February 28, 2016 and stated as follows in its concert review:

“First up to open the evening’s festivities was a Quebec based group that I had never heard of before — Potion 13. Their portion of the stage was decorated with little skulls so I was not sure what to expect from the group. At about 7:55 pm, two females and two males took to the stage before the towering male guitarist with the curly blondish locks by the name of presumably Brian Harps yelled out some big screams to the audience’s delight. It became apparent that the guitarist was addressing the crowd in French and I was able to catch him state in his Quebec slanged French: “Est-ce que vous êtes en forme a soir?” (rough translation: “Are you in form tonight?”).

To my surprise, Potion 13‘s female lead vocalist, presumably named Danielle Langlois, started singing in French. The crowd did not seem to mind and in any case, with such a great voice, who cares in what language that Langlois was singing in. The enthusiastic Langlois did a good job of engaging the audience and I noticed quite a few people rocking out to Potion 13‘s brand of seemingly Judas Priest classic styled heavy metal. Frankly, I was quite impressed with Potion 13 and I would have bought a CD from them on my way out of the venue had I seen where (and if) their merchandise booth was set up. It was my first time hearing a heavy metal band sing more than one song in the French language and I enjoyed the experience. To my surprise, I was actually a little disappointed that Potion 13 only got to play five songs by my count and their too short set ended at 8:20 pm.”

Potion 13‘s “Fuck The World” video:


un GROS merci à Alain Pérusse (production minou roux) pour le montage et réalisation du vidéo.Merci beaucoup aussi a Steven Henry, Marc André Jobin, Sylvai…