R.I.P. – Remembering Ratt guitarist Robbin “King” Crosby on 15th year anniversary of his death

Photo By Christopher Lee Helton

R.I.P. – Remembering Ratt guitarist Robbin “King” Crosby on 15th year anniversary of his death

Today marks 15 years since Ratt guitarist Robbin “King” Crosby passed away. Back in April 2017, Sleaze Roxx posted excerpts of a journal outlining Crosby‘s thoughts and last two years of his life as recounted by Curt Dudley. Below is the Sleaze Roxx article from its now defunct R.I.P. section in regard to Crosby:


Birth Name: Robbinson Lance Crosby
Born: August 4, 1959 – San Diego, California
Died: June 6, 2002 – Los Angeles, California
Cause Of Death: Heroin Overdose/AIDS Complications

1983 – RattRatt
1984 – RattOut Of The Cellar
1985 – RattInvasion Of Your Privacy
1986 – RattDancing Undercover
1988 – RattReach For The Sky
1990 – RattDetonator
1990 – Jon Bon JoviYoung Guns II: Blaze Of Glory
1991 – RattRatt & Roll 8191
1993 – RumbledogRumbledog
1997 – RattCollage


SAN DIEGO – Guitarist Robbin Crosby of the heavy metal rock band Ratt has died of AIDS complications, his brother-in-law said. He was 42.

Crosby, who disclosed he had AIDS last July in a radio station interview, died Thursday in Los Angeles.

Crosby said that he may have contracted the disease when he started using heroin as a member of Ratt, which had such hits as “Round and Round” and “Lay It Down.”

Ratt guitarist Warren De Martini remembered that Crosby always knew he wanted to be a rock star.

Crosby was born Aug. 4, 1959, in San Diego. He teamed with fellow San Diego musicians De Martini and Stephen Pearcy as Ratt‘s 1984 debut album, “Out of the Cellar,” reached No. 7 on the national charts. The quintet’s first four albums all sold more than one million copies. Ratt disbanded in 1992.