Ragdoll Release Debut Video “All I Want”

Ragdoll Release Debut Video “All I Want”

May 13, 2013

Fresh from the studio recording their third EP ‘All I Want Is Everything’, West Australian hard rock sensations Ragdoll have released their debut promotional video for the lead track “All I Want”. With the EP release imminent, and a US tour kicking off in May, this is just a little taste of things to come.

Storming into the consciousness of hard rock fans the world over with 2012’s ‘Here Today’ EP, which saw them trek overseas for the first time, “All I Want” is the most immediate and high octane track from the forthcoming release. Shot in a way that brings the look and feel of the war zone to the breakneck soundtrack, the video centers around a couple prepared to do some very bad things to get what they want.

With an intense desire to inject new life into the music they love; Ragdoll’s mission is to dismantle the sometimes tired genres of classic rock, hard rock and progressive rock and rebuild them, producing a modern hybrid that both transcends and revitalises the traditional rock genres. The result is a sound that’s bombastic and intricate, a sound that’s full and brash, leaving many to question how this trio is capable of producing a live sound more akin to that of a five-piece.

At the heart of the Ragdoll sound is a classic tried and proven structure, a tight rhythm section with Barrett on drums and Rafferty on bass and lead vocals, built around Todd’s guitar. The sound hinges on a number of influences including, as you might expect, rock greats Led Zeppelin, classic Whitesnake and Van Halen, as well as prog rock masters Rush and late eighties era Queensryche.

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