Rainforce guitarist Andy La Morte answers why band does not advertise itself as Christian band

Rainforce guitarist Andy La Morte answers why band does not advertise itself as Christian band

Sleaze Roxx recently posted its review of Rainforce‘s debut album Lion’s Den, which was released via Roxx Records last month.

In its review, Sleaze Roxx stated as follows: “I didn’t realize this when I first discovered Rainforce but the group appears to be a Christian based rock band. I suppose the title “New Jerusalem” was a big hint. The Bible verses inside the CD case confirm it and there’s really nothing wrong with that. It’s just that I’m surprised that Rainforce do not advertise themselves as Christian rockers on their Facebook “about” page (aside from some of their band influences) but the lyrical content and inside the CD appears focused completely towards God. Perhaps Rainforce were hoping to have people judge them solely on their music without the Christian tag on top of it.”

La Morte has provided the following response to Sleaze Roxx in that regard:

“You wonder why Rainforce do not advertise themselves as a Christian band.

Well, it’s very simple: We don’t even have to call ourselves a Christian band, because the music press does it for us [laughs]. I see Rainforce just as a hard rock band in the tradition of the bands who have been an influence to me over the past years. The “Christian” factor probably is the lyrical content. Well, I am a Christian and I believe that Jesus is my savior. But I do not write lyrics for other believers only.

You know, in my environment I see lots of sad, hurt, ill, frustrated or angry people. Some are Christians, some are not. All those adjectives are part of our reality, and of my life too. My heart bleeds when I focus on all the misery and wrongness we see and feel in the world today.

As many other people too, I had to go through struggles and I thank God that I am alive and healthy today. Something I realised as I went through my personal hell was that there is so much frivolity in the world. And my beloved rock scene makes no exception. Don’t get me wrong. I also love the partying and fun chasing bands out there and some of them are a big influence on my work. But music, and hard rock in particular, is such a strong and powerful thing which – in my opinion – is worthy to be fulfilled with some more profundity. I really want to tell about what gave and still gives me hope, courage, a peaceful mind and much more. Because I feel a deep brotherhood with the people who are enjoying rock music as much as I do and who live the rock ’n’ roll lifestyle, maybe much more than I do. I want to share my thoughts, my experiences with those friends through my songs.

And I think you are in agreement with me that sometimes a “Highway To Hell” or a “Long Stick Goes Boom” is not enough… Sometimes we need a “He Came To Set The Captives Free” [laughs].

Well, all these explanations don’t make our album Lion’s Den any better or worse, but I just wanted to share some personal thoughts with you. I would be very happy if more famous rock stars — Christians or not — would do that as well. So, my sermon comes to a close here.

God bless you all,

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